Bachelor Of Labour Management (B.L.M) Courses in India

Labor management deals with managing employees/workers at work places, addressing their problems and creating an environment where the workers can use their skills to the fullest. Effective labor management helps to improve employee productivity, contributes to continuous employee development, strives to increase the Quality of Work Life (QWL) and ensures legal compliance at all levels of work and labor resource management. Labor management is the backbone of any business. There are many institutions that offer the B.L.M Course for students interested in a career in labor management.

The B.L.M Course cover the main aspects of the program of labor management at work places. The role of the labor manager includes handling the population of the workers, addressing their grievances, ensuring a safe workplace and making use of their skills and abilities for the benefit of the organization. The role also extends to helping workers strike a healthy work – life balance. The Bachelors in Labor management or the B.L.M Course is a course that focuses on the management of labor in industries and in other sectors like the production and the service sectors.

Duration of the B.L.M Course: The B.L.M Course is usually conducted for four years or 8 semesters as it is conducted by some institutions. The B.L.M Course is a full time course.

Eligibility for B.L.M Course: The eligibility criteria for admission to the B.L.M Course include a pass in the higher secondary or the 10+ 2 school years with at least 50% marks in the aggregate.

Further Study: On successful completion of the B.L.M Course the candidate can take up the MLM Course or the Masters in Labor Management. The other option is for the candidate they can take up the Post-Graduate diploma Program.

The B.L.M Course Content

A brief overview of the B.L.M Course content includes:

  • Generating an environment for work –life balance for the workers
  • Labor laws and its implementation
  • Organizational development
  • Workplace activities which also include violence, harassment and related issues
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Laws relating to employment of workers both domestic and immigration
  • Laws relating to ordinances of leave, like maternity, paternity and others.

These are just some of the concepts that the person taking up the B.L.M Course to study. There are many job prospects that favor a person with a degree in the B.L.M Course. Some of the roles that can be found for a person with a degree in B.L.M Course include those of labor management in industries and in labor welfare sectors in industries.

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