Bachelor Of Fishery Sciences (B.F.S) Courses in India

Bachelor in Fishery Sciences is a course aimed at providing in-depth understanding of aquatic life to candidates who are keen to pursue a career in that space. The course includes the study of aquaculture, which is the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals, in all types of water environments, under controlled processes to achieve higher productivity. It also includes training in the acquisition of large quantities of fish from its natural habitat (hunting) for commercial purposes. The curriculum includes a study of life cycles of various fish and aquatic plants and benefits associated with them. Extensive Lab research with marine organisms, production, preservation and packaging of fishery related products are also delved into.

Overview on fishery science

Fishery Sciences can broadly be defined as the study of Aquaculture or fish farming and commercial fishing. The former involves the breeding, rearing, and harvesting of plants and animals in all types of water environments under controlled processes to achieve higher productivity and the latter involves large quantity of fish acquisition from its natural habitat (hunting) for commercial purposes.

With a 7000 plus kilometers coastline, a multitudes of inland fisheries, reservoirs and fresh water resources and a strong domestic demand, the industry has been witnessing a slow and steady growth for many years. The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) has projected this growth to become faster paced with Indian production and management capabilities improving to meet global standards. Today, India is second only to China in Aquaculture production across the world making this industry a very lucrative space for a career.

Bachelor of Fishery Sciences (B.F.S) - Course Duration and Structure

  • Most institutions have the course duration spread across four* calendar years (split across Semesters)
  • Along with theoretical study, course includes site visits, laboratory and research papers

Bachelor of Fishery Sciences (B.F.S) - Eligibility and Entrance

  • Candidates who have successfully completed their HSC (10+2) examination, in science with Biology, Physics and Chemistry, from a recognized board across the country with a minimum 50%* aggregate.
  • National level examinations are held for admission to government affiliated programs.
  • Individual institutes also carry out their individual entrance exams.

*Advisory - This information is subject to change and may vary across institutions. It should be reconfirmed with institutes’ admission offices.

Who should one undertake Bachelor of Fishery Sciences (B.F.S) course?

Needless to say, the course is ideal for anyone who is fond of aquatic life and wants to make a career out of it. It also involves significant research work and laboratory study along with long stints on water and near water bodies. Candidates interested in working in the food manufacturing and food marketing sector can also pursue this course.

Bachelor of Fishery Sciences (B.F.S) – Scope of employment

  • A high domestic consumption coupled with an increasing international demand has led to a lot of private sector operations starting in this sector. These are companies involved in the manufacture and marketing of fish related produce.
  • Public sector departments and organization involved in fish related production, food quality control, distribution and export present openings for candidates with this degree from time to time.
  • Non-food sector, such as pharmaceutical and tourism also present opportunities for candidates equipped with this degree
  • Candidate can also start their own manufacturing and export venture in response to the increased demand

List of Bachelor Of Fishery Sciences Courses in India

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