Bachelor Of Arts (B.A) Courses in India

The B.A Courses or the Bachelor of Arts Courses is one of the basic courses when pursuing higher studies. In fact, earning a BA Degree was once seen as a sign of high scholastic abilities. Today with the spread of education and the increase in the number B.A Courses, it is common to find a person having a BA Degree.

The B.A Courses can be taken in a wide range of subjects that include Humanities, Arts, Music, Dance, Languages, Literature and Education. Today there are even more disciplines with long lists of subjects attached to them.

Students also have the option to take up the BA Degree Course with Honours. In the BA Honours, the student has to complete a set of extra papers in the chosen subject. The papers are spread over the period of all the three years of the degree education or it is divided into the two examinations which are Public Examinations.

Today, to facilitate the student’s need to take up a profession, there are subjects like Business, Finance, Public Administration and Computer Applications in the B.A Courses. Another very significant inclusion in the recent times is that of Travel and Tourism, Hospitality and Logistics as B.A Courses in the Undergraduate level. This enables the students to take up Post graduation courses in the same subject or makes it easier for the student to get into professional courses like management and Law.

Enrolment and Duration for B.A Courses

The B.A Courses are usually of 3 years duration or of 6 semesters if the institution or University is following the semester structure.

There are other B.A Courses which are integrated with the specialized courses like Education or Law and for a student pursuing the integrated course the duration is 5 years of study.

The requirements for enrolment is usually based on the marks scored in the Higher Secondary Examination or the 10+2 Examination as the case may be. A minimum of 50% marks is required for admission to the B.A Courses.

The candidate can also take up the B.A Courses after completing any Diploma Course.

Distance Education Facility for B.A Courses

Today the B.A Courses can be done by distance education or enrol for it in the Open Universities. The requirements for admission to the Open University is that the candidate should be above the age of 35 years and must pass a Foundation Course in the University through the distance education mode, irrespective of the school education of the candidate.

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