Bachelor Of Fine Arts (B.F.A) Courses in India

Students keen on pursuing their creative or aesthetic calling can undertake this three year degree program offered by colleges and institutes across the country.

The study of Arts can be broadly divided into Visual Arts and Applied Arts.

Visual Arts include art forms like painting, sculpting, photography, dance and theatre pertain to the creation of works of art meant to appeal to the aesthetics of a viewer. Whereas, in Applied Arts,the application of aesthetics is not only limited to visual appeal but also extends to the utilitarian purposes of the end product. Architecture and product design which are both examples of Applied Arts are no longer considered pure fine arts and are available for students as separate specialized courses.

The Bachelors of Fine Arts degree (B.F.A) pertains to the study of Visual Arts.This course is also offered in certain institutions as Bachelors of Visual Arts or B.V.A.

Course content includes a basic understanding of the fundamentals of the various art forms, art history, study of the works of great artists and an overview of mediums and techniques used in different art forms. In the final year, students delve deeper into the specialization that they select as per their interest and the institutes’ performance criterion.

A candidate who has a creative bent of mind, a thorough passion for the arts and who is keen on pursuing an occupation which involves the process of imagination and creation should pursue this course.

Eligibility for Bachelors of fine arts or B.F.A

  • Candidates who have successfully completed their HSC (10+2) examination, in any stream, from a recognized board across the country with a minimum 50% aggregate marks can apply. Procedure
  • Application for admission to this course opens every year in the May-June period.
  • As a part of the selections process, students are asked to submit pictures of their original work along with the admission forms.
  • Short-listed candidates are invited to undertake an aptitude test followed by a personal interview for the final selection.

Scope of Employment in B.F.A Course

A Bachelor of Fine Arts opens many doors for the candidates. Based on their specialization, they could reach out to organizations offering creative services to their clients. These include companies operating in the field of Media, Advertising, Production, Publishing and Design. Most large corporations with in-house design cells also hire fine arts graduates in their marketing and communications teams.

Candidates can choose to offer their services as freelancers or on project basis after acquiring a few years of experience. Candidates can also pursue their passion as an artist and approach galleries & exhibitors for sponsorship and patronage.

Colleges offering Bachelor Of Fine Arts Courses in India (B.F.A)

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