Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy (B.O.T) Courses in India

This is a highly advanced course in the field of therapeutic treatment in the work place; occupational therapy is basically to ensure the prevalence of a more conducive physical and mental well –being of the people who have undergone a traumatic experience medically. The process of occupational therapy helps in developing, recovering and maintaining their work skills for daily life. Therapy is basically a post medical procedure in which the patient has successfully come out of the need for medical attention and is now in need of therapy to encourage and instill the ability to work and be independent. They are usually known to provide therapy to patients of oncology, accidents and burns, psychiatry, and even those who have suffered some kind of physical, psychological or emotional trauma. The B.O.T Course or the Bachelor’s in Occupational Therapy usually work in areas were different types of therapy are needed.

About the B.O.T Course

The B.O.T Course are an undergraduate bachelor’s degree course and is of four years duration, usually conducted by dividing the period into eight semesters. The eligibility criteria include a pass in the Higher Secondary or the 10+2 examination with 55% marks aggregate. The students should have studied science stream with physics, chemistry and biology as subjects along with mathematics. Some colleges and institutes also require the entrance examination score for students to be considered for admission to the B.O.T Course.

B.O.T Course Profile

The areas of study in the different years of the B.O.T Course are almost similar to that of the formal medical undergraduate education. The inclusion of the occupational therapy paper both theory and practical is what sets it apart from the formal medical education. The Occupational Therapy paper I and II are taught in the first and second years respectively. And in the third year there are three specialized Occupational Therapy papers which are in Orthopedics, neurology and rehabilitation areas. In the fourth year there are two specialization papers in Occupational therapy one in Mental Health and the other in Pediatrics and Developmental Disabilities.

Further Study Opportunities for B.O.T Course

The B.O.T Course are highly beneficial for a person interested in the subject and wants to pursue a career in it. There are many opportunities in the field for study and also job opportunities.

The various study opportunities include the postgraduate degree which can be undertaken after the completion of the B.O.T Course.

List of Bachelor Of Occupational Therapy Courses in India

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