Bachelor Of Hospitality And Tourism Management (B.H.T.M) Courses in India

A Bachelor in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree empowers the candidate with knowledge covering all aspects of operations and service management in the hospitality and tourism industry. There has been a wave of corporatization in the tourism and travel sector in the country and this has led to service standards reaching international levels, both in terms of quality and technology. On the hospitality side of the degree, the course entails a generic overview of food and beverage production and management, customer service management, inventory control, staff and front office operations. On the tourism side of the curriculum, topics like ticketing and travel management; global travel standard procedures, cargo and shipping systems, marketing and business procurement are covered within the scope of the course. The course has been designed to gives additional emphasis on tourism operations and services.

B.H.T.M Course relevance

The tourism sector in India is flourishing due to a sustained increase in foreign tourist arrivals (FTA) visiting the county and more and more Indian travelers exploring to domestic destinations. Indian service sector is one of the largest drivers of the Indian economy and within this sector it is the tourism and hospitality industry which is contributing significantly to the GDP of the nation. The corporatization of tourism and travel management in the country has seen service standards reaching international levels both in terms of quality and technology thereby expanding the demand for human resources with an expertise in these subjects.

B.H.T.M Course Duration and Structure

  • Most institutions have the course duration spread across three calendar years (split across Semesters)*
  • Along with theoretical study, course includes kitchen training, on-site internships, IT training.

Eligibility and Entrance for B.H.T.M course

  • Candidates who have successfully completed their HSC (10+2) examination, in any stream, from a recognized board across the country with a minimum 50%* aggregate.
  • Individual institutes also carry out their individual admission processes

*Advisory - This information is subject to change and/or may vary across institutions. It should be reconfirmed with institutes’ admission offices.

Who should undertake B.H.T.M course?

Candidates keen on being a part of tourism and hospitality industry, be it on the food and beverage side or on management and services side of the travel industry should pursue this course. Travel survives have gone beyond the scope of travel agency and now include online portals, club networks, customized holiday solutions, corporate cards and schemes. Recruiters are keen on hiring candidates who have a keen interest in travel, are comfortable with technology and communication and are passionate about providing quality service. Being a part of the service, industry, candidates who enjoy interacting with people would be a good fit.

B.H.T.M course Employability

  • The entire Travel and tourism industry is a green field for candidates with this degree
  • Public sector operation in travel and hospitality space like hotels, tourism boards and departments involved in the travel and aviation sector come out with openings which the candidate is eligible to apply for
  • Private companies operating as Hotels, international travel desks, airlines and aviation services, cruise liners, travel portals are also keen on hiring candidates with this degree

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