Career Options After 12th

If you have completed 12th, you might have chosen a path to continue. The major lines at 12th are Science, Commerce and Humanities/Arts. The further career usually depends on what line you have chosen after 10th. Yet, there are many other opportunities along with the regular continuation. The major choices that stand before a student after 12th are:

Working Career

There are several working opportunities for those who complete class 12. The opportunities are found both in Government and Private Institutions. Students who choose to work must ensure to continue the studies to improve the career. There are several colleges and institutions those offer courses for working students that help in improving the educational qualification. The students must be ready to balance the time for the job and studies.

The major advantage with choosing the Working option is that students get experience which is rather important besides the educational qualification. Thus many of the organizations prefer and consider the experience along with the qualification. When working students acquire higher qualifications, they have higher chances of better opportunities than just qualified candidates.

Continuing the Line of Study

This is one of the most chosen options by many of the students as it provides ample time to concentrate on the studies. Every stream of 12th has continuation higher courses with multiple options.

Science students can go for Engineering, Medicine, ITI or Graduation in Science subjects. There are several specializations offered in each of these courses. Students can choose as per their interest. Several Diploma courses are also offered where passing class 12 is the eligibility for the admission.

Commerce students can go for Graduation, Chartered Accountancy, Company Secretary or ICWAI. Graduation courses have several specializations like Computers, Banking, and Financial Market etc. Each of these courses has great career opportunities. Apart from these courses several other Diploma and PostGraduate Diplomas are offered by several Universities which can be obtained besides the regular studies. The academic eligibility for these courses is passing in class 12.

Humanities and Arts students can go for Graduation or Diploma courses. These students also have many higher educational courses. Languages, Music, Dance, and Fine Arts are the major disciplines. The multiple specializations that are offered within the disciplines provide you great choice of choosing the interested. It is a fact that each of these specializations has equal and great career opportunities. Editors, Musicians and Artists are basically from this stream.

Choosing a Different Line

There is no rule that one has to continue with the same stream that is selected in class 12. There are several options to switch the stream after 12th or to study other stream simultaneously. Many of the Graduation courses, except few science related courses, accept the admission from any of the disciple. For instance, a Science or Commerce student may take admission in Fine Arts in the Graduation.

Even many of the Diploma courses offer the students to add the qualification in different areas while continuing their regular courses. These courses would be the best option as that would help to make the student a versatile. The person who has knowledge in different areas is usually preferred in many of the job profiles.

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