Bachelor Library Science (B.L.Sc) Courses in India

The B.L.Sc Course is the study of Library Science and the degrees awarded after the study is that of a Bachelor’s degree. The B.L.Sc Course is an interdisciplinary field which combines the study of management and organization of a library. This is an academic program which is undertaken in universities and colleges and the degree is awarded by the university under which the student has undertaken the B.L.Sc Course. There are many job opportunities for those with a one year degree in the B.L.Sc Course

B.L.Sc Course Duration

The duration of the B.L.Sc Course is usually for one year. However, some universities conduct the B.L.Sc Course on a semester basis and then the course is considered to be of two semesters of 6 months each. In both cases the duration is the same. Some universities conduct the B.L.Sc Course for a slightly extended period of time.

B.L.Sc Course Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the bachelors in library science is similar to that of any other bachelors program that is of a professional nature. In this case a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university is mandatory.

The Three- Year Degree Course

There are many universities that offer the three year degree B.L.Sc Course in the Bachelor’s program in library science. In such cases the eligibility criteria for the B.L.Sc Course is similar to that of any other bachelor’s degree program. Admission to these B.L.Sc Course is based on the results of the 10+2 or the Higher Secondary Course. Students from any discipline can take up the B.L.Sc Course.

Open Universities and Distance Education for B.L.Sc Course

There are a number of open universities conducting the B.L.Sc Course. The Course in library science conducted by the Open Universities include:

B.L.Sc Course Content

The course content of the B.L.Sc Course may vary depending on the university and the degree being offered. But in general some of the common areas that the study of library science includes:

  • Cataloguing and classification
  • Library management
  • General Administration of the library
  • Referencing
  • Past History and present information regarding libraries around the world.

There is a continuing controversy regarding the study of the B.L.Sc Course. Some people are of the opinion that since the eligibility criteria for the one year program is a degree, the B.L.Sc Course are a postgraduate course, even if the degree awarded is that of a bachelor’s degree.

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