Bachelor Of Business Studies (B.B.S) Courses in India

The Bachelor of Business Studies or the B.B.S Courses are an undergraduate course that combines the components of business and finance. In the business section are the subjects that relate to business like organizational studies, marketing, economics, human resources and others. In the finance section the studies concentrate on subjects that are related to finance like organizational finance studies, computing and accounting. The B.B.S Courses are a four year study leading to an Honors Bachelor’s degree. There is much scope for specializations and the student is provided with highly advanced training and knowledge to be able to take up some of the following subjects in his postgraduate degree to specialize. Some of the options for specializations include, business studies, organizational management, and related subjects. The B.B.S Courses comprises of the organizational management skills, communication skills, human management skills, and analytical skills. Therefore, the student is well equipped with a number of skills before taking up the specializing programs or taking up a job with the degree earned in the B.B.S Courses.

Details of the B.B.S Courses

Enrolment: Admission is given to students who have successfully completed the 10+2 examination or the higher secondary examination. The aggregate percentage of marks obtained should be 60% or above. The student should have studied English and any of the other four subjects like Economics, Sciences, accountancy, business studies, Social sciences, Mathematics, and Computer science, Bio technology, Public Administration and all their related subjects.

Apart from the marks in the qualifying examination, the students seeking admission to the B.B.S Courses should be able to get through the written examination for entrance, the group discussion and the personal interview sessions.

Duration: The duration of the B.B.S Courses is 3 years in total and the syllabus is completed in 6 six semesters.

The B.B.S Courses Program

Semester 1 is an introduction to the course. Some of the subjects taught at the basic level include Statistics, Economics, Business and Communication.

Semester 2 deals with slightly advanced studies in Human Behavior, Organizational Behavior and Marketing Techniques. The students also imbibe the problems solving skill and undergo a training and presentations of reports

Semester 3 deals with public relationships and dealing with the public.

Semester 4 involves education in financial, legal and computer based technology along with training and presentation of reports

Semester 5 and 6 are filled with extremely hectic schedules for the students. In these semesters they have their specialization papers and also imbibe learning in Entrepreneurship, business policies and strategies.

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