Bachelor Of Medical Record Science (B.M.R.Sc) Courses in India

The B.M.R.Sc Course or the Bachelor of Medical Record Science is a part of the course related to the health care sectors and is a related area of study in the medical field. The significant medical records of patients, the history of their health regarding the investigations conducted and the results obtained are all maintained by the professional who is in charge of the Medical records. To effectively discharge his duties, personnel in charge of the medical records should have obtained a degree in the B.M.R.Sc Course. Perfection and accuracy in maintaining records are very vital to the health care provided to the patient as any small discrepancy can result in an untoward occurrence. That is why undertaking the B.M.R.Sc Course is important for a person involved in the maintaining of records in the hospital who must be efficient in maintaining them accurately.

The job profile

Some of the requirements of the job include:

  • Management of records of the case history, medical treatment and results of medical examinations conducted on the patients
  • Labeling, classifying and maintain documents in an organized manner.
  • Proper documentation and using electronic systems to upload the details of the patient to store them in the electronic file.

Eligibility and Duration of the B.M.R.Sc Course

As is the case in other undergraduate degree programs the, B.M.R.Sc Course also requires the student to have passed the 10+2 or the higher secondary examination in the Science stream with Physics, chemistry and Biology along with Mathematics which is not compulsory. Usually an aggregate of 45% marks is required, but some institutions require the student to obtain 50% marks as aggregate.

The Duration of the course is three years and it is conductions as a full time course. Some institutions conduct the course in 6 semesters with the syllabus divided.

Further Opportunities for Study and Jobs

Educational Prospects: The student can follow up the undergraduate degree with a postgraduate degree in the B.M.R.Sc Course by enrolling for the Master’s degree program. Also available is a the postgraduate diploma program in the B.M.R.Sc Course

Job Prospects: One being awarded the degree of B.M.R.Sc Course the student can take up the job of a Record maintenance in hospitals, clinics and health centers. In all sub-sectors of the health centers, like diagnostic centers and medical insurance centers also offer opportunities for people with a degree in the B.M.R.Sc Course

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