Bachelor Of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery (B.A.M.S) Courses in India

The B.A.M.S Courses are an integrated course in medicine that combines the traditional medical practice of Ayurveda as well as the modern medical treatment practices. An acronym for Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery, the course comprises of various forms of Ayurveda treatment, though it is said that the practice of Ayurveda is combined with the medical forms of treatment in the Allopathic domain. Today a number of Medical colleges in India have opened a specialized study wing for the study of Ayurveda and in the process made it convenient for students to be Ayurveda doctors.

Who can pursue the B.A.M.S Courses?

To pursue the B.A.M.S Courses the candidate needs to have passed the Higher Secondary or the 10+2 examination with Science as the major group comprising of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Besides the basic criteria, the student also needs to undertake the Premedical Entrance Examination or the Joint Entrance Examination conducted the state level and at the All India Level to join the B.A.M.S Courses.

The course duration is five and a half years and includes an internship period of a year.

The certification allows the mandated to work in any Ayurveda hospitals, both private and Government, anywhere in India and is generally attached to the Ayurveda health centre.

As in the conventional form of medical education, students following the B.A.M.S Courses also need to undertake the study of various subjects that are usually taught to a medical student. Some of the topics of study include anatomy, preventive medicine, pharmacology, physiology toxicology and the principles of evidence among others.

B.A.M.S Courses at Private and Government Medical Colleges

Today both the government as well as the private medical colleges conduct the B.A.M.S Courses and also along with the B.A.M.S Courses they also conduct the specialized Ayurveda courses offering Certification and Diploma Courses.

The Degree obtained by after passing the B.A.M.S Courses can be updated by taking up many diploma programs in various specialized sections of the Ayurveda like Panchkarma or others like Ayurveda Balaroga which is the Ayurveda alternative to the Paediatric course specialization.

Ayurveda and Tourism

The medical facilities provided by Ayurveda has encouraged the tourism industry to a large extent and that is why the other option of most doctors who have trained in B.A.M.S Courses now offer their services to the requirement in the tourism industry. There are many tourists from other countries who come to visit India and take up the health packages offered by Ayurveda Clinics. Therefore, by undertaking the B.A.M.S Courses there are vast opportunities for the candidate.

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