Ayurveda Courses in India

Introduction to Ayurveda Courses

The science of life or Ayurveda belongs to a traditional system of medicine under a practice from ancient times. This system deals with curing diseases by adopting medicines and techniques from nature. Ayurveda courses have become famous in the present times because of ability of Ayurveda medicines to cure chronic diseases which are sometimes termed as incurable by others. All ailments are considered as an imbalance among the body’s humors, the vata, the pitta and the kapha. These three called as tridhoshas leads to proper health in a balanced state. Ayurveda Courses imparts the knowledge of both modern medicine subjects and traditional Ayurveda system of medicine to the candidates. The combination of traditional medicine and modern medicine helps in better understanding about the patient, diagnosis and treatment. As Ayurveda is considered the holistic medicine, the demand for Ayurveda Courses are always high.

Different Types of Ayurveda Courses

The important course under Ayurveda medicine is the bachelor’s degree, bachelor of Ayurveda medicine and surgery and masters, doctor of medicine (Ayurveda) and master of surgery (Ayurveda). The other Ayurveda Courses include diploma and certificate courses in panchakarma therapy, Ayurveda massage, yoga and meditation, integrated yoga therapy, Ayurveda dietetics, physiotherapy and many more. A postgraduate diploma in emergency medicine offered by some reputed institutes can help give value addition to the clinical practice of a BAMS student.

Eligibility for Ayurveda Courses

The candidates who wish to join BAMS should have completed plus two with science stream, including subjects, physics, chemistry and biology. They have to then appear for all India medical entrance examinations and get good ranking so that they can get into reputed college and learn Ayurveda Courses. For admission to postgraduate Ayurveda Courses, BAMS with a good educational background is required.

How to apply for Ayurveda Courses

BAMS is a five and a half year graduate course which requires complete dedication from part of the candidate for its successful completion. Colleges have their set of rules for selection of candidates by setting minimum marks and ranks in entrance tests. The post graduate Ayurveda Courses also take up students by conducting private entrance tests.

Scope/ Pay scale for Ayurveda Courses

The demand for Ayurveda Courses is on a rise because of the trust people have on this medical field, as it lacks the side effects produced by medicines to a great extent. In this era diseases are created by people due to wrong lifestyles and habits, which can be minimized by the sense of healthy living imparted by Ayurveda medicine. The trend of spas’ and the necessity of a good Ayurveda doctor for counseling is a requirement nowadays. Ayurveda courses also contribute to the tourism sector because of the therapies, massages, medicines and much more which attracts the foreign people. So there is an increase in demand of Ayurveda doctors for treatment and counseling in spas’ and Ayurveda centers. At government and private Ayurveda hospitals, an Ayurveda doctor can get employed as medical officer. In academic field, they can work as tutors. A skilled candidate in Ayurveda Courses can set up own practice of Ayurveda at a private clinic.

Postgraduate (PG) Ayurveda Courses in India

Career Options in Medical Courses

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