Pharmacognosy Courses in India

About the Pharmacognosy Courses

Pharmacognosy is a very popular branch of pharmacy and it deals with all the treatment related to natural processes which have been a part of our culture from a long time. In the course related to Pharmacognosy faculties teach about the different ways to generate medicines from the natural resources. The aspirants study about various palnts, bacteria and marine related thing and helps in making the useful and life saving drugs. Aspirants can go for courses like B.Sc, M.Sc, B.Pharma, M.Pharma and others certifications and diplomas are also available. One can choose from a very big gamut of specializations and many college and universities are offering these course with affordable fees, quality education and good career prospects. Student in these courses generally are being taught about the physical, structural and chemical properties of drugs from plants, animal and other sea species and does a research on their evolution, upbringing and their safe keeping with further use and advantages.These courses can last in the ranges of 1 to 5 years and one can opt from them as per the interest and needs.

Eligibility for Pharmacognosy Courses

Students who have done courses related to pharmacy,chemistry,bio sciences and other related fields can chose to get a specialization in the field of Pharmacognosy.Preferably they should be graduate in any of the above mentioned streams. Many colleges and universities are having their prerequisite requirement in terms of percentage and other criteria. Those who are willing to make a career in the fields must check these parameter before deciding. There some specialized courses also but only experience professional can pursue those courses in Pharmacognosy.

Career Options for Pharmacognosy Courses

Pharmacognosy gives a good career prospects to the learners as it has several branches and sub branches like medical ethnobotany, phytotherepy, phytochemistry, herbal medicines, marine Pharmacognosy, Animal Pharmacognosy, plant Pharmacognosy and many other fields. The practitioners can work in different governments and private research centers .They have the options like drug making companies and firms for the research and development. Some of the candidates can go for teaching and training option with many of the colleges and universities. They need to check on the openings posted .One can become an independent consultant also can offer his services to the various hospitals and drug manufacturing organizations. Various state governments are also promoting the domain and appointing the doctors by conducting direct recruitment routes. Even forest department is also offering very compelling career opportunities to the Pharmacognosy professionals in the departments. They can works as pharmacist, doctors, microbiologist, scientist, professor, consultants, lectureers, research asssosiate, food and nutrition experts, forensic lab assistants and many other designations.

Salary for Pharmacognosy Courses

As discussed earlier also it has many branches and due to this it offers diversified salary structure also. In the research centers one can get starting salaries in the range of Rs.20000 to Rs.50000 on monthly basis. Hospitals and drug making firms offers better salaries of upto Rs.70000 in the beginning. Though it depends on the knowledge, skills and attitude of the candidate how much he can earn. After experience very high packages are being offered.

Undergraduate (UG) Pharmacognosy Courses in India

Diploma Pharmacognosy Courses in India

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