Homoeopathy Courses in India

Introduction to Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathy is an important branch of medicine with effective and safe healing mode of medicinal system. The word is derived from Greek words 'Homeo' meaning similar and 'Pathos' meaning the treatment of the same. The basic principle underlying homeopathic system is that a drug and a disease which produce similar symptoms cancel each other out and thereby restores the health of the person. Homeopathy Courses help in teaching the treatment with highly diluted substances which trigger natural system of healing of the body. Homeopathy Courses throws light on the relation between mental and emotional component as a reason for physical ailments. So a homeopathic diagnosis involves taking all these aspects into consideration. Homeopathy Courses are grounded in the classical principles and supported by the latest research and developments in homeopathic field.

Different Types of Homeopathy Courses

Diploma and certificate courses are offered in various fields of homeopathy courses like clinical homeopathy, homeopathic dispensing, health sciences and so on. Bachelor of homeopathic medicine and surgery is an undergraduate program, with a duration of five and a half years. The scope of higher education in this field is offered by courses like Master of Science, doctor of medicine in homeopathy with a duration of three years and doctor of philosophy in homeopathy with a maximum duration of five years.

Eligibility for Homeopathy Courses

The minimum eligibility for the bachelor’s in homeopathy courses is a pass in higher secondary education in science stream with biology as one of the subjects. All India Entrance Examination is conducted every year for selection of candidates in the medical field. The post graduate Homeopathy Courses can be pursued only after attaining bachelor degrees in the same field.

How to apply for Homeopathy Courses

Colleges mention specifications regarding the minimum mark in plus two and the rank to be obtained in the medical entrance exams so as to pursue any of the Homeopathy Courses. For postgraduate and PhD programs the selection of students is based on common entrance tests as well as tests conducted privately by the medical colleges.

Scope/ Pay scale for Homeopathy Courses

Homeopathic doctors have jobs in government and private hospitals, polyclinics, charitable institutions, research institutes, and training institutes. Those interested in teaching field can work as teaching faculty in reputed medical colleges. Homeopathy Courses have got good employment and career prospects because of the gain in acceptance of this system among the people. Homeopathy Courses make one eligible to seek employment in government health care units, dispensaries, voluntary organizations and corporate hospitals. There is vast scope for self-employment in this field, by starting a private practice. They can also work in various homeopathic medicine stores and pharmacies as a pharmacist, research institutes as researcher, training institutes and dispensaries as a public health specialist or consultant and so on. Use of sophisticated equipment and diagnostic techniques have led to the development of specialty homeopathy clinics which are very popular among the people. The standardization of homeopathic clinical practice and rapid growth of homeopathic pharmaceutical industries have added up to the ever increasing need for Homeopathy Courses.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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