Occupational Therapy (O.T) Courses in India

Introduction to Occupational Therapy Courses

One of the major paramedical professions that relates itself to the field of health care, Occupational Therapy is an emerging necessity in most sectors of organizations as there are many situations that have been identified and recognized as potential occupational hazards. It is a field of medicine that focuses on assisting an individual to achieve complete independence and is not limited to just prevention procedure or curative treatments. Individuals are so trained that they are brought back naturally into the mainstream of the society and any physical disability is overcome psychologically, the patient is brought back to lead a normal life and learns to adapt to the situation both personally and professionally. Occupational Therapy or OT as it is more commonly referred to, is today are recognized health care field and to cater to the growing needs in this field al large number of medical schools and other institution have introduced the Occupational Therapy Courses for students to take it up as a career option. Today specialists in this field are in great demand with stricter labor friendly laws being formulated globally and organizations being compelled to accept these laws.

Different Types of Occupational Therapy Courses

There are different types of Occupational Therapy Courses offered range from the 3 –year’s Bachelor’s Degree to the 2–year’s Masters Degrees in Occupational Therapy. Apart from these two degrees, there are the Research Programs that are conducted by a number of colleges and universities. Students can also take up the one year Diploma and a 6 month Certification degree in Occupational Therapy Courses and take up jobs, though they would not be considered experts but are eligible to practice a therapists. Some institutions also conduct Occupational Therapy Courses in the Post –Graduate Diploma programs which is of two years duration.

Eligibility for Occupational Therapy Courses

The eligibility criteria to the undergraduate programs of the Occupational Therapy Courses include that the students should have successfully completed the Higher Secondary Courses from a recognized Board in India and should have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology with Mathematics at the level of the qualifying examination.

How to apply for Occupational Therapy Courses

Applications for the Occupational Therapy Courses can be made directly to the university or institutions conducting the courses. Some medical schools conducting the Occupational Therapy Courses need students seeking admissions to the course to clear the entrance exam conducted by them for admission. Most of the local dailies usually announce the details of the admissions tests and the students can make the inquiry accordingly.

Scope/pay scale for Occupational Therapy Courses

Most professionals who have completed the Occupational Therapy Courses can expect to land jobs in medical hospitals as occupational therapists or in organizations in which they work under the labor department or the personnel department. Sometime of the social service organizations that are known as NGO’s or Non – Governmental Organizations also employ professional with a degree in Occupational Therapy Courses as therapists. All these professionals are high plaid and very significant for the social wellbeing and hence the job of the occupational therapist is highly valued and respected. Moreover, with global organizations coming to India there are more opportunities today than ever before for professionals with a degree in Occupational Therapy Courses.

Undergraduate (UG) Occupational Therapy Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Occupational Therapy Courses in India

Diploma Occupational Therapy Courses in India

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Remaining Certification Courses in India

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