Physiotherapy Courses in India

About the Physiotherapy Courses

Physiotherapy is the branch of health sciences which deals with the movement of the body and its impact .There are several colleges and universities which offer courses related to Physiotherapy. They teach the students about several topics like therapeutic exercise related to techniques of mobilization, facilitation and functionality; creating strength and balance in muscles; use of various exercise for better health; educating the people on therapeutic awareness; handling with the injuries and deterioration; measures to prevent and resist the injuries up to a certain level and others. There are undergraduate and post graduate courses available to select from. One can do short term courses as well to groom in physiotherapy techniques and its related disciplines. One has to be very clear that whatever course and college he or she is opting, it must be recognized and approved by relevant agencies and government departments. Working professional can do customized courses as per their needs and requirements.

Eligibility for Physiotherapy Courses

Physiotherapy courses are available in plenty but one has to check with the qualifying criteria also. For degree courses one can start with his interest and later on can go for more specialized courses. Those who are carrying a related degree in the domain can go for higher course like post graduate or doctoral studies. Working people and practitioners can also do customized and tailor made modules and courses. It offers a comprehensive subjects but with relevant eligibility pre requisite also.

Career Options for Physiotherapy Courses

This domain offers plethora of career options to the aspirants with variety of fields and streams. Physiotherapy offers the aspirants to work in the domains like health care, research units, paediatrics, cardiorespiratory, nurology, orthepaedic and many others. Designations that one can start with are physiotherapist, sports physiotherapist, consultants, doctors, professor and many others. They can work in hospitals, nursing homes, day care centers, community health provider units , industrial safety departments, schools and colleges ,sports clubs,gyms,defence and armed forces and to many higher studies education centers. One can also become a freelance consultant and can work with occupational therapist, security agencies, nursing providers, social activist, speech therepists, pathologist, pharma professionals and with trainers also. This way they can render their expert advice and services and in return they get fees and other benefits. As per the need and requirements of the client they have to customize the services. Physiotherapy also opens the area of teaching in various colleges and universities if one has the flair of guiding and counseling the students and job seekers. This way numerous options are there to select and chose from.

Salary Structure for Physiotherapy Courses

Physiotherapy is a platform from where one can earn good money also. Starting salary in this field can be in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.50000 depending on the knowledge, skills and attitude of the candidates. Reputed universities and colleges offer excellent placement with good organization with better compensation packages. After getting experience and seniority in the system people get very high salaries with a lot of other benefits also like incentives, fringe benefits, family insurance etc. from company’s side.

Undergraduate (UG) Physiotherapy Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Physiotherapy Courses in India

Diploma Physiotherapy Courses in India

Doctorate Physiotherapy Courses in India

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