Medical Lab Technologist Courses in India

Introduction to Medical Lab Technologist Courses

The job of the Medical Lab Technologist is one that is very significant in the healing process of a patient as it answers a lot of questions that help to administer the treatment. Doctor depend on the reading of the Medical Lab Technologist of the tests conducted on the patent, and the course of treatment usually depends on those reasons. Therefore, accuracy and rapidity are two main features that the Medical Lab Technologist must cater to. To satisfy the growing demand for Medical Lab Technicians, a large number of medical schools, polytechnics and colleges have been established to provide the Medical Lab Technicians Courses for the students aspiring to take up the job. The Courses are usually conducted under the category of the paramedical courses offered by most colleges and universities.

Different Types of Medical Lab Technologist Courses

Since there are different types of testing done in the medical lab to determine the various ailments, the technician must also be trained in most of them if not all of them. So the Medical Lab Technologist Courses usually offers students to take up the various courses that include the Diploma and the Certification lasting for about a year to 6 months. Some Diploma Course are for a period of 2 years. The higher level courses include the Medical Lab Technologist Courses for Bachelor’s and the Master’s Degree. Students can also specialize in the various aspects of the medical testing process by taking up specialized diploma or certification courses after the Bachelor’s Degree. The Bachelor’s Degree is conducted over a duration of 3 years and the Masters is conducted for 2 years.

Eligibility for Medical Lab Technologist Courses

The basic eligibility criteria for Diploma and Degree level admissions to the Medical Lab Technologist Courses is successful completion of the 10+2 or the Higher Secondary Course. For some diplomas and certification programs, a pass in the 10th of school is adequate. The students should have studied Science and Mathematics in the qualifying examination which is mandatory. For the Master’s Degree, a Bachelor’s Degree is required. Ability to use computers comfortably, accuracy in calculations, ability to interpret the data in the reading accurately and a sense of precision and detail are some of the other qualities that the students wanting to take up the job of a medical lab technician needs. Therefore, most of the Medical Lab Technologist Courses ensure that the students are well trained so that all these capabilities and skills are imbibed.

How to apply for Medical Lab Technologist Courses

Application can be made for admission to the Medical Lab Technologist Courses on prescribed forms available at the colleges or institution conducing the courses. Apart from that, announcements are usually made in the dailies that give all details regarding admission processes and the students can follow them.

Scope/pay scale for Medical Lab Technologist Courses

There are many options that are available for those professionals who have completed the Medical Lab Technologist Courses successfully. Hospitals and Medical testing Labs are the two main areas where the job of the medical lab technologist exists, so the need for a huge population of Medical lab technologists is always present. Besides, they can also work as tutors or set up their own laboratories for medical testing.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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