Audiology Courses in India

Introduction to Audiology Courses

Audiology is a branch of medical science that deals with the audio system of humans and its health. Some of the audio problems faced by humans include hearing disorders, imbalance in the ear liquid, loss of hearing and other disorders. The audiologist basically is an expert in the field of audiology who treat the disorders related to the sense of hearing and help patients to overcome the disorder by either preventing complete loss of hearing or by restoring the capability.

The audiologist with a degree is Audiology Courses are able to implement the strategies to conduct tests and determine the length of the damage caused to the sense of hearing in a person and the extent to which the sense has been affected. Apart from testing and diagnosis, the audiologists also helps to rehabilitate people with hearing problems like tinnitus and people who need to use implants and aids.

Different Types of Audiology Courses

An array of Audiology Courses is available to students and they range from the certificate and diploma courses to the Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees. Research programs are also offered in various aspects of audiology as a subject. Since Audiology is a multi-disciplinary degree, the Audiology Courses can range from the vestibular systems like the sense of hearing and its disorders to the study of physical sciences like noise, sound and acoustics. To be a successful audiologist, one should possess the minimum level of a Bachelor’s degree in Audiology Courses but this is not adequate. A professional audiologist must have the Master’s or a Doctoral Audiology Courses to be able to function as an audiologist. Doctoral programs leading to a PH.D can take as long as 5-6 years of research as the subject is very extensive. Today, even online Audiology Courses are available for practicing audiologists.

Eligibility Criteria for Audiology Courses

For admission to the Bachelor’s Degree in Audiology, the applicants should have passed the Higher Secondary or the 10+2 course in high School with Mathematics and Science as their subjects. A high proficiency in written and communication skills in English is also required. For the Master’s degree in Audiology courses, the candidate should be an Undergraduate degree holder. Only those with a Master’s degree in Audiology Courses are allowed to take up research programs in Audiology.

How to apply for Audiology Courses

Applications for admissions for the Audiology Courses usually needs a high score in any of the entrance exams conducted by the University or institution, the center that conducts the All India Medical Entrance Test or the State that conducts the Entrance examination. Usually the results obtained in these examinations along with the marks obtained in the qualifying examination are the standard on which admission to the various Audiology Courses is determined.

Scope/ Pay scale for Audiology Courses

Audiology courses are in great demand because of the high rate of audio problems seen today. Professionals with specialization degrees in Audiology Courses can expect to be able to land jobs that are highly lucrative. Apart from working as an audiologist, they can start their own business in the form of therapy centers, or work as tutors in different institutions offering the Audiology Courses.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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