Neurology Courses in India

Introduction to Neurology Courses

The term Neurology is framed out of the Greek words, "neuron" meaning 'nerve' and "logia" meaning 'study of '. Neurology is a specialized branch of medicine which deals with the ailments of the nervous system, including the central nervous system, brain and spinal cord, along with the related tissues and muscles of a human body. Neurology Courses train the candidates in diagnosing and treating disorders of the nervous system as well as tissues and muscles of the human body. A medical practitioner with specialization in neurology is called as a neurologist. Neurology Courses motivate the students to work with some of the most difficult medical conditions known to science like brain trauma, stroke, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. The main three specializations coming under neurology Courses include, child neurology, clinical neurophysiology and pain medicine. Neurology and psychiatry are related fields as many diseases of the nervous system have a psychological after effect.

Different Types of Neurology Courses

Neurology courses come under the category of specialization courses in the medical field. Post graduate diploma courses are available in neuro-technology and developmental therapy. Doctor of medicine in neurology with three years duration is considered as a super specialty course. Master of chirurgical in neurosurgery, DNB in neurology, PhD in clinical neuroscience, neurochemistry and neurophysiology can be opted for research level studies, which ranges from five to six years duration.

Eligibility for Neurology Courses

Neurology courses prefer candidates with a bachelors in medicine and surgery and interest in the field of neurology for pursuing courses. The medical colleges conduct their own entrance exams as part of selecting candidates into various Neurology Courses. For getting admissions into research level courses, one need to have a good base in neurology.

How to apply for Neurology Courses

Medical colleges have their own rules and regulations for selecting a candidate for any of the Neurology Courses. Excellent communication skills and caring personality can act as add on qualities for a neurologist.

Scope/ Pay scale for Neurology Courses

Neurology is considered as one of the most complex branches in medical field and hence a career in this field is challenging. Neurology Courses are in high demand because of the increase in brain, spinal and muscular function disorders. Neurologists are in great demand in private as well as government hospitals, in pharmaceutical companies and companies associated with research. On attaining higher degrees in Neurology Courses, one can work as a researcher in medical colleges and research institutes. Neurologists can also publish research articles or write articles for medical journals. Neurology Courses train a physician to work for long irregular hours in high stress medical environments. Neural surgeons are easily absorbed by specialty hospitals as they are able to treat a variety of neural disorders with the help of innovative technologies and medical advances. Persons interested in the field of teaching can opt for a job as tutor in medical colleges. By setting own clinic a neurologist can earn in a profitable manner. Skilled physicians with years of working experience can even move on to other countries for better careers.

Doctorate Neurology Courses in India

Career Options in Medical Courses

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