Anesthesia Courses in India

Introduction to Anesthesia Courses

The job of an anesthetist is a very vital one in the medical procedure of surgery. A very significant division in the surgical and other medical procedures, Anesthesiology is the study of anesthesia and administering the same on patients who needs surgical intervention as part of their treatment. The application of anesthesia is done either locally in the area of the body where an incision or a surgery is to be performed or it is given intravenously so that the patient loses consciousness. Administering of anesthesia is very important as it is likely that its aftereffects are observed sometimes and the anesthetic needs to deal with it accordingly and it needs to be done by people who have a degree in Anesthesia Courses.

An anesthesiologist administers the anesthesia and hence should have complete knowledge of the dose to be administered before a surgery. The heart rate, blood pressure levels, and the breathing process are all well noted and focused on before the administration of anesthesia.

Different Types of Anesthesia Courses

Today there are many universities and Medical Schools that conduct Anesthesia Courses thereby giving an opportunity to students to take up the profession of an Anesthesiologist or an Anesthetist. Though Anesthesia Courses are very vast and there are many other related courses within the subject, the comprehensive course is made up of all these related subjects and each of them can be taken up alone as a diploma or a certification course, or take up Anesthesia Courses and study all of them. The Anesthesia Courses can be taken up either on its own or in combination with other related subjects. Sometimes a branch of the Anesthesia Courses is offered as a certification or a diploma course.

Eligibility Criteria for Anesthesia Courses

Many universities offer Bachelor’s and Postgraduate degree courses in the area of anesthesiology. However, only qualified doctors who have completed their M.B.B.S are eligible to take up Bachelor’s Degree in Anesthesia Courses. For a Master’s Degree the minimum is a Bachelor’s degree in Anesthesia Courses. The duration of the Anesthesia Courses for the Bachelor’s degree is 3 years and for the PG degree it is 2 years. Some universities conduct specialized Anesthesia Courses for a duration of four years.

How to apply for Anesthesia Courses

Applications for the Anesthesia Courses can be made on prescribed forms available at the Medical schools or at the universities. Apart from this an entrance test is usually held by which eligibility is determined, therefore, need to apply for the entrance examination as and when announce and score high to be eligible. The Entrance examination for Anesthesia Courses are either conducted by the Medical Council or a special board of examination at the Center or the State Level. Sometimes the universities also conduct the entrance examination.

Scope/pay scale for Anesthesia Courses

Since the role of the anesthetist is very significant a very high and lucrative pay scale is offered for the job. Since the medical industry is booming and since more and more complicated surgical procedures are being introduced in the field of the medicine, the job prospects for a person with a degree in Anesthesia Courses is one that is and is likely to experience further growth.

Postgraduate (PG) Anesthesia Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Anesthesia Courses in India

Diploma Anesthesia Courses in India

Doctorate Anesthesia Courses in India

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