Obstetrics Courses in India

Introduction to Obstetrics Courses

Obstetrics is the medical specialty which deals with the pregnancy, childbirth and post pregnancy care. Obstetrics courses go in combination with gynecology and provide detailed knowledge about female reproductive organ, health and management. Obstetrics and gynecology is the specialized branch of medicine taking care of the female reproductive organs in the pregnant and non-pregnant states respectively. Obstetrics courses are designed in order to provide a firm background in the necessary components of women’ health. Candidates acquire relevant clinical skills, learn reproductive physiology and manage various gynecologic disorders with the help of obstetrics courses. The sub specialties available under obstetrics courses include maternal medicine, reproductive health, reproductive endocrinology and infertility, gynecologic oncology and so on. Operative obstetrics and gynecology, social obstetrics and gynecology, common obstetrical operations, obstetrics pathology and common disorders of the new born are some of the subjects studied under this field.

Different Types of Obstetrics Courses

Obstetrics courses are coming under the group of specialization areas in the field of medicine, which can be pursued only after completion of graduation in medical field. Some medical colleges offer the course of diplomas as well as post graduate diploma in obstetrics and gynecology with a duration of two years. Many of the colleges offer postgraduate courses, doctor of medicine and master of surgery in gynecology and obstetrics, with approval from the Medical Council of India having three years duration. Research level courses are available like a PhD in obstetrics and gynecology at some selected medical colleges with a maximum duration of five years.

Eligibility for Obstetrics Courses

The postgraduate obstetrics courses require MBBS or bachelors from any medical stream along with clearing the entrance test conducted by the medical colleges for selection of candidates. Some institutions insists on the minimum cutoff marks to be obtained in graduation.

How to apply for Obstetrics Courses

Most of the reputed medical colleges conduct their own entrance tests as part of selecting the candidates to various obstetrics courses. Those with a dedicated mind and passion can pursue courses in this field.

Scope/ Pay scale for Obstetrics Courses

There is high demand for skilled professionals in obstetrics and gynecology because of the increase in awareness among people about the need of counseling and medical help from the start of pregnancy. This has increased the career opportunities for talented physicians in cities and rural areas. A qualified gynecologist can find a place in nursing homes, private and government hospitals. A doctor in this field with relevant experience can start a private clinic and can earn a decent salary. Obstetrics courses provide information to deal with sexual health issues, reproductive health and infertility related issues. Infertility clinics are advancing in fame and they require skilled and experienced doctors in obstetrics and gynecology for their smooth running. The completion of obstetrics courses can provide the candidate with a successful career in both national and international medical colleges. One can write articles for medical journals or pursue a career in the field of research after completing postgraduate or PhD degree in obstetrics courses. Those interested in teaching field can work as a tutor in medical colleges.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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