Electropathy Courses in India

Introduction to Electropathy Courses

Electropathy or electro homeopathy is a new medical system of natural medicine, made exclusively from plant extracts, used to maintain a healthy balance throughout the whole body. In this medical system, curing of disease is done by maintaining homeostasis between blood and lymph of diseased persons with the help of bio energy content from plant extracts. Hence curing is achieved by regulating lymph and blood in the body of the patient. Electropathy Courses deal with the use of minimum dose of herbal extracts for curing illness without any side effects. Electropathy Courses teach the extraction of herbal medicines in the form of enzymes, which results in quick action of electropathy medicines than other herbal based therapies. Electropathy medicines have marked curative power on a wide range of diseases. Electropathy Courses emphasize on harmless, nontoxic, nonalcoholic, unique and natural medicines which are cheaper and affordable by all sections of society.

Different Types of Electropathy Courses

The electropathy courses offered by various institutes in India are recognized by Naturo Electro Homeo Medico’s of India (N.E.H.M of India). This organization is involved in promotion, development and research of electropathy in India. Diploma in electro homeopathy medicine is a one year diploma course conducted directly by NEHM of India. Bachelor of electropathy medicine and surgery is having a duration of four and a half years. Postgraduate course available includes doctorate of medicine in electro-homeopathy, with two years duration.

Eligibility for Electropathy Courses

Diploma in Electropathy Courses requires a candidate with tenth or equivalent and five years’ experience in any medical disciplines for admission. Bachelor of electropathy medicine and surgery can be pursued by a candidate who has qualified in diploma in electro homeopathy medicine. Doctorate of medicine in electrohomeopathy requires candidates qualified in bachelor of electropathy medicine and surgery or equivalent qualification from other recognized medical systems like MBBS, B.A.M.S etc.

How to apply for Electropathy Courses

The Electropathy Courses conducted by NEHM of India are through correspondence mode. As far as the Electropathy Courses are concerned, there are numerous institutions across the country, which spell out differently in their rules and regulations for admissions.

Scope/ Pay scale for Electropathy Courses

Electropathy is the only purely herbal based system of medicine in the world. The electropathy is one of the emerging medical fields in the world and there is a better scope in pursuing Electropathy Courses. Qualified BEMS doctors after getting their registration are eligible for starting and running their own clinic, throughout India. Skilled post graduate candidates can pursue research work or pursue the posts of professors in medical institutes. With a bachelors in Electropathy Courses one can work as a registered medical practitioner in electropathy anywhere in India. Self-employment opportunities offered by Electropathy Courses include starting of electropathy manufacturing unit, electropathy pharmacy and electropathy institutions. Electropathy is that branch of medicine with the potential to cure those diseases which are considered as incurable by the other branches of medicine. This ability of curing dreadful disease that too without any side effects have made this branch of medicine famous and of great demand among youths.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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