Paediatrics Courses in India

About the Paediatrics Courses

Paediatrics is a special branch of medical sciences which deals with the treatment and care related to kids and children, newly born babies and adolescents also. All the courses related to the Paediatrics teach and train to the practitioners majorly the care of up to age group of 12 years. Several courses are available in the work space and one can think about MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery) or MD (Doctor of Medicine) or a full time M.Sc. Some short term diploma and certifications are also offered by some universities and one can go for it as per the need and requirements. Generally the aspirants do such specialization after their graduate course in medicines. All such courses must be recognized from MCI (Medical Council of India). In such courses the participants are being taught on the various fields like basic care,allergy,metabolic structure, growth mechanism, infectious syndromes, bacterial and viral infections, congenital problems,heridiatery diseases ,fungal infection, dental problems and many other related issues.

Eligibility for Paediatrics Courses

Generally candidates first go for an undergraduate course and they study and learn about all the branches of medical sciences through various theory and practical oriented intervention. During the course many students decide to make Paediatrics as their further area of specialization and then they seek to get expertise. All the graduates can opt for postgraduate or any other course where they study only Paediatrics and become a subject matter expert. Diploma holders can also pursue higher studies courses if they wish to achieve excellence in any field.

Career Options for Paediatrics Courses

This field has given a very good jumpstart to many aspirants due to the diversified options. Students can opt for clinical pharmacy sciences, allergy sides, nurology, oncology, nutrition and gastro, respiratory, child mental problems, diabetics, metabolic structures and medicines, social child care, critical care units, intensive care medicine specialization and many others. One can start as a junior doctor or consultant but as the time passes and one gets exposure and experience they move to the upper layers of the hierarchy. Apart from this many students become entrepreneurs by starting their own venture. They can open their consultancy, clinic and hospitals. In private practice also they can earn good name, fame and money from it.Goverment is also coming up with a lot of programmes related to child care and floating numerous vacancies for Paediatrics practioners .One can check with the advertisement and apply for the posts.

Salary for Paediatrics Courses

Structure As stated above Paediatrics is an excellent career option for the aspirants and it offers very lucrative salaries also. Those who have done postgraduate course like MD or M.Sc can expect a good starting remuneration ranging between Rs30000 toRs.70000.It is also true that role of the institution from which one is enrolling the course, is also very crucial. Good colleges and universities offer placements with good companies and with better salaries. There are several support function roles where up to Rs.25000 per month also be offered. Once people become senior they can expect high packages with many other benefits like perks and incentives.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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