Nutrition Dietics Courses in India

Introduction to Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

The Nutrition and Dietetics Courses deal with the scientific study of food, its preparation and its intake. While the focus of dietetics is on the management aspect of food, nutrition promotes health through healthy food habits. Food can be classified into any one of 6 classes viz.,water, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Each food category focuses on a particular aspect of human health. For instance proteins are the body building proteins while vitamins & minerals help in increasing resistivity to diseases and helps in overall health. However, this does not go on to say that a particular class of foods is good or another is bad. A balance of each category is needed for overall good health. On completion of Nutrition and Dietetics Courses, the students specialize in meal planning, its economics & preparation and the effect it has on human nutrition.

Different Types of Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

Among the popular Nutrition and Dietetics Courses are graduate level courses in Food and Nutrition, Home Science, Food Science and Technology, Catering Technology, Hotel Management & Nutrition and Dietetics. Courses at the post-graduate level include Post graduation in Home Science, Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics & Public Health, Fellowship in Applied Nutrition and Doctorate in Nutritional Science. Diploma level Nutrition and Dietetics Courses include diplomas in Community Health & Nutrition, Dietetics & Nutrition, Dietetics & Applied Nutrition and Dietetics, Health & Nutrition. Certificate courses in Food & Nutrition, Nutrition & Child Care and Dietetics & Health Education are also popular among students.

Eligibility for Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

A student wishing to enroll for any of the graduate level Nutrition and Dietetics Courses need to have passed Higher secondary (10 +2) with Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Home Science as subjects of study. Students who have completed graduation level courses in Hotel Management, & Catering Technology, Home Science, Food Science, Micro Biology, Medicine and Biochemistry are eligible to apply for Postgraduate Nutrition and Dietetics Courses.

How to apply for Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

All applicants who wish to join in Nutrition and Dietetics Courses need to follow the guidelines for the admission process that can be obtained from the respective departments of the institution or on their website.

Scope/pay scale for Nutrition and Dietetics Courses

On competition of any of the various Nutrition and Dietetics Courses students can choose to work in various specialized fields like Nutritional Physiology, Sensory Science, Molecular Nutrition, Public Health Nutrition and Food Toxology. They can also opt to work in the field of Nutrition in Health and Disease. The need for specialists in nutrition and dietetics is increasing due to the changes in lifestyles. Dependence on processed foods and a sharp decline in healthy living has been causing major health related ailments among the younger population. Many organizations are enlisting the services of health and nutrition specialists to help improve the health and general awareness among their employees. The monetary remuneration for professionals who have completed Nutrition and Dietetics Courses would depend on the place of work and job profile. For instance, those who work in catering, research and teaching would have a higher remuneration when compared to other work categories.

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