Physiology Courses in India

About the Physiology Courses

Physiology is the study about the whole living system, its working and the total functionality. It covers the living system at all levels like molecular levels, parts level, organs levels and the complete organism levels. Effects of the external environments on the living being in their genesis, evolution, development and the living conditions are the major areas that Physiology Courses cover. Aspirants are trained and taught on all these subjects and become consultants, doctors and research practitioners .There are several courses that one can opt for .B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)., M.Sc (master of Science), M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of medicine and Bachelor of Surgery).One can also go for higher studies and research work .The duration of these courses last in 3 to 6 years depending on the mode and subjects. Many professional do some specialized courses for their skill enhancement and knowledge upgradation.These are basically short terms and tailor made modules.

Eligibility for Physiology Courses

There are different qualifying criteria for various courses and one should be very clear before enrolling for any of the courses. Those who have done their studies in life sciences, biology, zoology, anthropology and other related fields can always think to specialize in the Physiology for further studies. For post graduate courses one has to be graduate in the similar field. Those who want to start their career they can go for degree courses first and after that get expertise. For research and development one has to be post graduate in the domain.

Career Option for Physiology Courses

Physiology offers a much diversified opportunities to the candidate who are opting it as their career choice. Major fields where one can go are physiological studies and the anatomical studies. This way it offers clinical studies and consultancies as a booming growth options. The Physiology domain experts can work as research scholars, lab assistants, doctors, consultants, medical practitioners, service providers etc. They can work in various government and private institutions, research centers and hospitals with a good career option.Goverement is also promoting this domain and many vacancies are coming up. One can very well join the sector for teaching and training domain. There is a shortage of skilled teaching staff and one can take the benefit out of it. Many universities and colleges are offering jobs of research associate, lecturers, professors, guest faculties. One has to be updated about the all the advertisement related to these vacancies and openings. Many candidates become self employed and they start their own works in the form of research centers and consultancies. They get tie ups with different organizations and render their expert advice on the subject matter and earn good amount of name and fame. Private companies are also there who hire these subject matter experts.

Salary Structure for Physiology Courses

Physiology is a stream which provides a good platform to earn money also. People those who start in the field can get remuneration between Rs.30000 to Rs.60000 on monthly basis. Reputed institutes offer excellent placement assistance to the students up to Rs.80000 per month also. After gaining experience one can expect better money and the fame also.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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