Microbiology Courses in India

Introduction to Microbiology Courses

Microbiology is the field in life science, which deals with the study of microbes and their application for human benefits. Microbiology Courses deal with the study of growth, features and various other aspects related to the life cycle of microbes such as algae, fungi, protozoan, bacteria, and viruses. Microbiologists are able relate microbes with other organisms and explain their consequence on the life of human beings. Microbiology Courses covering various fields like bacteriology, virology and mycology which are applied in harvesting microbes for agriculture, to control pollution in soils, industrial wastes, oil spills and much more. The specialization coming under Microbiology Courses includes agricultural microbiology, industrial microbiology, nano microbiology, pharmaceutical microbiology, cellular microbiology, environmental microbiology and microbial genetics. Solutions for many of the genetic disorders and inherited diseases are developed my microbiologists through gene therapy techniques. Microbiologists conduct research on the pros and cons of micro-organisms on humanity and hence play a significant role in the society.

Different Types of Microbiology Courses

The types of Microbiology Courses offered by various universities include certificate, bachelors, and masters. Some institutes also offer diploma and advanced diploma programs. For higher studies the options include master of philosophy, post-doctoral degrees and doctor of philosophy in microbiology. On completion of bachelors in microbiology, higher studies can be pursued in fields like applied microbiology, microbial technology, forensic sciences, clinical research, hospital management and so on.

Eligibility for Microbiology Courses

Microbiology Courses come under a branch of science, hence require higher secondary education in science with biology for admissions into graduate courses. For entry into post graduate microbiology courses, one need to complete graduation in microbiology or life science related courses.

How to apply for Microbiology Courses

The colleges or institutes offering Microbiology Courses have their own set of rules for admitting candidates to their various courses available. Those with a passion in life sciences and knowledge in biology can pursue higher studies and research work in microbiology.

Scope/ Pay scale for Microbiology Courses

Microbiologists can find job opportunities in government and private hospitals, research and development organizations, food industries, chemical industries and pharmaceutical industries. Based on the job profile, qualification, skill and experience the remuneration of a microbiologist varies. Those who are doing higher studies in Microbiology Courses are taken up into best scientific research jobs in various sectors. There is a vast scope in the teaching field as well. Microbiology is a field with an ability to control the critical points of many fields like medical, clinical, dairy, pharmaceutical, industrial, agriculture, research, water industry, nanotechnology, and chemicals, which increases the scope of career by all means. The Microbiology Courses will help the candidates in the isolation of microbes with antibiotic properties, innovating diagnostic kits and many more for the welfare of mankind. Microbiologists have a nice career in the agricultural sector by isolation and culturing of microbes to fight disease and thereby protect the crops. Harvesting the microbes for the extraction of antibiotics, amino acids, vaccines, steroids and alcohol in industries require the service of a microbiologist. Due to the advancement in the field of science and technology, there is a vast scope of research in the field of microbiology.

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