Career Options in Front Office Reception

Front desk receptionists serve as the face of any employer. They are the first, and many a times the only, person whom the visitors of the small business happen to meet. The job role of a receptionist is generally an entry level role but people with this job role need a lot many skills. They have to be good in communication, people management and also possess strong administration skills. Front Office Receptionists should also be comfortable in interacting with individuals at all the professional levels.

Front Office Reception- The details of the Profession

The main task of a front desk receptionist is to respond to a business’ visitor. On the arrival of any guest a receptionist is the first person they meet. Hence it becomes their responsibility to give them a warm welcome. This may even include providing the guest with refreshments. Some of the basic questions related to the employer may at times also be required to be answered by a receptionist. These questions may include the operating hours, and also provide customers with a brief explanation of the services and the products provided by the firm. In addition to welcoming people the front desk receptionist is also responsible to answer all the incoming calls. It is the receptionist who screens all the calls and routes them to their proper recipients or in their absence take relaying messages.

Front Office Reception Eligibility Criteria

Depending on the requirement of the employer a receptionist can be accordingly qualified. If the communication skills of the person are good they might be recruited even after just completing the Higher Secondary Certificate Examination or the 10+2 certificate examination. In companies which require more qualified professionals candidates with a bachelor’s degree in any required language may be considered for the post. Certain companies also provide training related to people management skills and enhancement of communication skills to the aspirants. But the eligibility requirement for this job role completely depends upon the discretion and need of the employer.

Career Options of a Receptionist

Job Prospects for a receptionist depends generally on the size of the company or firm. The larger the organization the higher will be the chances of a structured career and the chances of promotion. The promotion may lead the person to become supervisor or lead supervisor and then may be the head receptionist. If the person hone’s his or her skills appropriately and has a good qualification backing there is a high likeliness that he or she will become the office manager. Further opportunities may help the person to move into other areas of work too. This may involve personal accounts, sales or even the management. Many large organizations promote reception staff to work in different departments so that they develop multi-skilled talent and have better career prospects.

Front Office Reception Salary and Compensation

The compensation and remuneration of a front desk representative varies from 2.5-3 lakhs at the fresher’s level. But depending on the expertise and skill of the person their payment increases. The payment increase varies depending again on the strength and size of the organization.

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