Career Options in Catering

In the present times when people are busy turning their kitchens in craft rooms, careers in the catering sector are gaining much importance. This is the direct cause of food being the major determining factor of a sturdy life. Nearly everyone around is passionate about good food and people are constantly on the lookout for good eating options. For those who love cooking and also enjoy interacting with people and innovating, catering can be a very good career choice for them. Be in any nation, good food is the winning factor for any event or ceremony. For those who want to establish a career in catering have innumerable options to explore.

Catering The Profession

Cooking is not just a daily activity. Rather it is an art. But apart from coking, managing food distribution and catering is also an art which needs a well and formally trained person. The catering facility is generally looked into by the food and bar manager of a hotel. The person is responsible for all the aspects of catering. The person has to take care of the menu planning, service quality and staffing. The catering manager is also responsible for the profitability related to the event or venture. The manager also controls the various food service units and compiles the menu. The quality control, hygiene and safety, food display, nutrition value, palatability and adhering to budget etc. all of it is taken care during catering.

Catering Eligibility for the Career

For those who are interested in taking up catering as a career they can foray into it after having attained the 10+2 certificate. A bachelor’s degree from a well-recognised college further adds on to the acceptability of the person in the industry. It rather helps the person to make an easy entry into the industry. After the bachelor’s degree the person can also get trained or enrol himself in a training programme with a reputed hotel or restrobar. Along with this to become a part of a reputed institute mostly the candidate needs to be above the age of 16 years. They should have passed class 10th with English as a medium of education. A previous experience in the food or culinary industry is always an added advantage.

Career Options in Catering

People pursuing catering as a career can find ample opportunities in Hotels, Airlines, Food research laboratories, Food wholesalers, Catering establishments, Retailers and restaurants and Food processing companies. Apart from this aspirants can also set up their own catering business or their food production company. The major requirement is a good contact in the industry along with the assurance to produce tasty and hygienic food. Creation and innovation are always welcomed in this industry.

Catering Remunerations and Salary

People who are new to this industry or the beginners can be kitchen porters or kitchen assistants at a junior level position. Senior positions can be held by trained professionals. A beginner can earn anything from 8,000 to 12,000 per month. With experience the salary can go as high as up to 25,000 per month or even higher.

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