Career Options in Electronics

Electronics is one of the most sought after engineering field. Electronic Engineering is an engineering stream which involves the study of active and non-linear electrical components. These include semiconductor device which are mainly transmitter, electron tubes, diodes and integrated circuits, diodes, devices and systems. These also include passive electrical components which are based on integrated chips. The term electronics denotes broad engineering field which encompasses important minor fields like digital electronics, analog electronics, embedded systems, consumer electronics and also power electronics. This engineering field deals with the implementation of principles, applications and algorithms which are developed within various related fields.

Professionals in Electronics

As the name aptly suggests the entire electronics expert specialize in working with monitoring, manipulating and maintaining electronic devices of varying kinds. There are many sub fields in electronics also. Hence pertaining to the kind of sub-field where in the expert works, duties and responsibilities may vary. Examples of such can be Electronics specialist in radar technology who works to control the air route traffic, navigation aid specialists who help the pilot to maneuver an aircraft safely and successfully. Apart from these we have electronic drafters who are responsible for developing plans for circuits or integrated chips and also plan the installation of various wirings. At air route traffic control centers we have electronics experts called the automation electronic specialist who manage the computers which contain the tracking monitors. Hence the choice and kind of work in this profession are innumerable.

Electronics Eligibility to pursue

To pursue studies in the field of electronics aspirants can attain technical degrees or undergo a diploma course. For diploma the candidate has to have complete class 10th. Those who want to attain technical knowledge in the field of electronics can go for electronics engineering. To join this course the student should have attained the 10+2 certificate with major in Mathematics. People who are extremely enthusiastic in this field can pursue higher studies which may be post-graduation or even attain doctorate or PhD in the field of electronics. Certain colleges have courses in this field which have specialized sub divisions of the field.

Career Options in Electronics

Electronics is one of the fastest growing careers. Over nine million new subscribers are getting added every month. This is creating a strong opportunity for electronics engineers. Graduates can also try for opportunities in the IT industry. This includes both hardware as well as software. India as a nation is fast emerging as the world class hub for VLSI/Embedded systems hub. An Electronics engineer of high caliber can find jobs in the industry very easily. Many electronics graduates find jobs in government firms like BSNL, MTNL, NPL, AIR Civil Aviation and many more. There are many private companies also which offer very good career opportunities for graduates. One of the biggest employer for the electronics graduate is the Communication and media industry.

Electronics Salary / Pay Package

A fresher in the field can easily get a package ranging from 3.5-4.0 lakhs per annum in many organizations. But the payment is merely limited to the aptitude of the person. As the person advances in the job there is a tremendous pay hike.

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