Pharmacy Courses in India

About the Pharmacy Courses

Pharmacy is the major stream of the life sciences and many aspirants take this as their preferred career choice. With the advent of the new technologies and the developments done in the areas of health sciences, pharmacy courses are very much in demand nowadays. One has the options from diploma, certifications and other higher studies course to choose from as per his interest. Generally in the pharmacy courses students are being taught about retail and clinical pharmacy relating to the making and safekeeping of the various drugs used in the hospitals and clinics. One should think that he or she want to be in the research and development centers or love to be in to retail business like stores and consultancy. One can do B.Pharma, M.Phrama and other courses. The duration of these courses can be ranging between from 1 year to 5 years .Many colleges and universities are offering these courses with several benefits like good education and excellent placement assistance also.

Eligibility for Pharmacy Courses

Pharmacy is a field where one can enter at any stage .An intermediate aspirant can also do an elementary course and start his career. Those who are seeking to do higher studies and research work must possess a graduation in pharmacy, chemistry or other related bio sciences because it needs a strong foundation for that. Some advance courses are also available but only working professional are eligible to opt for such courses.

Career Options for Pharmacy Courses

Pharmacy Courses give a foundation to the students and they can build a strong building on that. Plethoras of career opportunities are available in this field and one can choose from. Some of them are like drug making, nuclear pharmacy,chemistry,micro biology, phytochemistry, community pharmacy, consultancy pharmacy, federal pharmacy,informatics,intitutiaonal and hospital pharmacy, managed care pharmacy and the list does not end here. Many other disciplines are also available. They can work as nutrition experts, scientists, consultants, marketing and sales professionals, biochemists, professors, lecturers, trainers, research scholars, doctors, lab assistants and many other good designations. They can work for various clinincs, hospitals, drug manufacturing organizations.Governtment and private sectors are also coming up with many research and development centers and one can approach them to get a jumpstart in their career. Aspirants can go for teaching and training options with many colleges and universities at better positions. One can start his own and independent consultancy and can contact hospitals and others to render their services. They can work in the forest department laboratories also to do the required research and development initiatives. Various vacancies of doctors and professors are available and one can check with the recruitment agencies for that.

Salary Options for Pharmacy Courses

Pharmacy offers good remuneration range to the job seekers. As beginners one can expect a salary up to Rs.45000 on monthly basis. It is also true that some universities offer placement assistance to their students and here better salaries can be gained. One becomes senior after gaining experience he can negotiate for better salaries in the range of Rs.50000 to Rs.80000 and even above to this also.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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