Pathology Courses in India

About the Pathology Courses

Pathology is the area of medical studies which provide the foundation to all the domains of medicines. It gives a lot of research and data analysis that help the doctors and consultants in taking a decision or solving a problem. Due to its diversified nature pathology has always been a preferred choice for the career seeking aspirants. There are various courses available ranging from certifications, diplomas, undergraduate courses and post graduate courses as well. One must opt for a course which is registered and approved by government agencies and renowned medical association so that it can provide the right benefit afterward. These courses are related to usually clinical pathology or anatomical pathology. The former covers the body liquids like blood, urine, bone marrow or allergy, inflammation, transplant studies and the later offers studies in the areas of analyzing the sample of tissue and cells to determine the real cause of diseases and ailments. One can chose any discipline as per his interest and expertise.

Eligibility for Pathology Courses

Aspirants who have done studies in the streams of bio medicine and sciences with the courses like B.Sc. or other related under graduate courses can go further for the specialized courses to make a career in the pathology domain. They can opt for diplomas as well for the entry level jobs but for higher courses one needs to be a graduate. They can then pursue post graduate courses in pathological science in the areas of clinical studies and anatomical sciences.

Career Options for Pathology Courses

Pathology is a great career choice because it offers a wide spectrum of further specialization and one can select any niche segments to move further. Major areas could be in clinical pathology like bloodbanking, electrolytes, metabolites, hormones, toxicology, therapeutic drug monitoring and molecular diagnostics. In the same way in the anatomic pathology there are autopsy and research oriented career. They operate sample analysis on the tissues separated in the surgery and other functionality. Apart from this aspirants can go for research studies to the government and other research centers. Government jobs are also available in the pathology sector and one should keep on checking on the opening and vacancies posted on various places. Many candidates start their own pathology center and do their work independently. They enter in to tie ups with various clinics and hospitals and get referred case from them. By providing such services they work as outside consultant and provide the necessary data analysis.

Salary Options for Pathology Courses

Pathology sector is a much diversified domain and it offers different salary structures at various levels. At the starting level one get the remuneration in the range of Rs.15000 to Rs.30000 in the laboratories. After getting the experience and expertise salary increases. At senior level one can expect salaries up to Rs.70000 and even more. If one starts his own pathology center then also he or she can earn good amount of money.

This way pathology is a desirable career option and by joining the field one can make his future bright with money and growth.

Career Options in Medical Courses

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