Medical Colleges in India

The study of medicine is one of the most difficult and stretched out with regard to the number of years. For a doctor to be successful, it is not enough to possess an MBBS Degree but needs to specialize by adding to it. There are many Medical Colleges in India, which can be equalled to many medical colleges found internationally, which regard to the quality of education the colleges proved and also the facilities provided by them. Medical Colleges in India can be categories into two distinct types. They are the governed owned Medical Colleges in India and the privately owned Medical Colleges in India. Both the categories come under the State University in the area they are located. According to the law in India, all the medical colleges must be recognized by the Medical Council of India. The selection process is done on the basis of an entrance conducted and the eligibility criteria are a higher secondary school certificate in the science stream.

Courses Offered In the Medical Colleges in India

Each of the states of India has more than one medical college and all of them offer the Undergraduate Courses, the Postgraduate Courses, Research facilities and other health related courses like nursing, physiotherapy, and others. Every year new courses are added to the existing list and these results in that more seats are made available in every Medical Colleges in India. Firstly, most of the Medical Colleges in India has been established in the decades of the 1950s and the 60s and since then, most of the medical colleges established then have come a long way with regard to the number of courses. New and more modern courses added or updated as well as the streams.

The Privately Owned Medical Colleges in India

Some of the privately owned Medical Colleges in India are of very high quality and are at par with the international medical study. In fact, in some of this privately owned Medical Colleges in India it is quite common to see students from some of the SAARC countries enrolled here under the Exchange Program. Considering the quality of education in these colleges to be higher than what is available to them in their own country. Besides this Medical Colleges in India, there are the medical colleges owned by the Defense Ministry in India. There are also a number of medical trusts and missionaries that are responsible for the spread of quality education for hundreds of years and have established many Medical Colleges in India.

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