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Acting is the passion for many that they take the art as their bread earning option. Acting is the performance involved in the character in any of the platform such as films, television and theaters. Artists must be able to express the feelings clearly through face, body and voice. Though it is considered as natural art, the training enhances the ability of the art.

There are several courses offered by several colleges and institutions of India. These courses shape these actors or artists as better performers. As the opportunities are found in the glamour fields, the name and fame are the additional advantages besides good remuneration.

Major courses of the Acting colleges in India

There are several courses offered in the discipline. Bachelor Degree, Master Degree and Doctoral Degree are the majorly offered courses. Apart from them many other Certificate courses, Diploma and Post Graduate Diploma Courses offered in subfields of the discipline.

Popular subfields are Theatre Arts, Cinematography, Direction and Screenplay Writing and Dramatics etc.

Eligibility for Acting colleges

For most of the Certificate, Diploma and Graduation courses in Acting, passing in 10+2 from a recognized Board is the eligibility. Few of the courses include auditions in the admission process. Holding a Graduation degree in relevant field is the education eligibility. Passing a Master’s Degree in related subject is mandatory for Doctoral Degree.

Career Option in Acting

Artists find major career options in the fields like films, television, theatres, advertising companies, modeling agencies and event organizing companies.

Films need not only hero and heroine but also many other characters. The payment to the other artists is not high but good amount. The leading characters are paid higher than the side character artists. Script writing or Direction is the choice of many aspirants.

Television is another great platform for the enthusiastic artists as the opportunities are more. Actor, Side Actor, Anchor, Serial Director and Program Director etc are few of the major job roles.

Advertising Agencies, Modeling Agencies and Event Organizing Companies are the choice of many aspirants. The payments are dependent on the opportunities but the talented always get recognition.

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