Engineering Colleges in India

Engineering is one of the most popular streams of study for students after the higher secondary school education. In an attempt to cater to the ever increasing needs of the students and the demands of the emerging industries in India, many Engineering Colleges in India with a large number of different disciplines are being established. Some of the old disciplines like Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical and Civil continue to be in demand, while new ones with growing demands like polymer engineering and the different areas of study in Bio-based courses like Biotechnology and Biochemical engineering are increasing the options available to students thereby leading to the growth of such Engineering Colleges in India.

The Spread & Growth of Engineering Colleges in India

To satisfy this growing demand, it is becoming necessary to establish various Engineering Colleges in India. Though it is quite easy to find many Engineering Colleges in India located in the metro cities and major towns in India, nowadays the Engineering Colleges in India are being pushed more to the interior regions where the smaller towns exist. The students from these smaller towns and surrounding regions can get access to high quality education in Engineering Colleges in India. All the Engineering Colleges in India are open to both boys and girls except for some courses which may have gender specifics like marine or mining engineering.

The Two Categories of Engineering Colleges in India

Engineering colleges in India can be divided into two distinct categories, of which one is the government run engineering colleges and the other is the privately owned engineering colleges. The basic facilities in both are almost similar, but there is a discernible difference in the quality of education and the fee structure. Whether both are interrelated or not is debatable, but in most cases it is seen that the quality of education in private Engineering Colleges in India is superior as also the fee structure in comparison to Government Engineering Colleges in India. Besides there are the premium Engineering Colleges in India like the National Institute of technology and the Indian Institute of Technology which are of international standards and have a very high repute worldwide.

Specialized Engineering Study:

Some Engineering Colleges in India are dedicated to the study of a particular discipline like mining, aerospace engineering and aviation technology in the engineering colleges in India providing the respective disciplines. There are many Engineering Colleges in India that cater to the specialized study of marine engineering which has high job prospects.

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