Telecommunication Engineering Courses in India

Details about Telecommunication Engineering Courses and Its Career Options

Telecommunication Engineering is self-discipline of Electronic Engineering which is related to all sorts of information and also communication networks. It is really involved with planning, manufacturing and procedure of telecommunication systems. In easy words, it is usually an exchange of data over an area through electric means also it mainly relates to the satellite connectivity, cables radio, radar, Television etc. Telecommunication technical engineers are primarily concerned with setting up communication by way of telegraphs, radar, radio, telephones, tele printers etc.

Telecommunications engineers design as well as install tools useful for transmitting cabled phone, cellular, cable and broadband internet data. Their everyday duties include working with copper or even fiber optic cabling, complicated networks and also switching devices. Telecommunications engineers might be working in wired and wireless telecoms businesses, engineering consultation firms or even government authorities.

Overall performance and growth of industry in India

Explosion of electronic media helps make the telecom business one of the best growing companies in India. The demand of Telecom technical engineers is rising both in India and also abroad because of the boom within this industry. This area of engineering is getting tremendous reputation which makes it a lucrative profession choice for the graduates with a variety of opportunities.

Certification needed for Telecommunication Engineering Courses

- A college student wanting to pursue B .E/B .Tech in Telecommunication is needed to own 10+2 with physics, chemistry and maths with higher percent.

- In an effort to undertake M .E/M .Tech in Telecommunication college students really should have B .E/B .Tech from any specific recognized academics.

Options and Chances for Telecommunication Engineering Courses

The job chances for Telecom engineers are improving quickly every day on account of the boom in the marketplace. Telephone Industry , micro wave radio systems, PC industry, cellular phone business, satellite connectivity and so on are a few of the fields which give ample job chances to the telecom technical engineers in this field. They might enroll in this industry since test engineers, technical engineers, software engineers, customer service staff, item managers, power suppliers, installers, power reactor operator, style development, quality guarantee, servicing, sales and advertising, research development many more. They could also discover other task options in information and transmitting sectors, aerospace business, mobile phone service providers, railways or perhaps police wireless institutions, cable and satellite coverage.

Remuneration for Telecommunication Engineering Courses

Telecommunications engineers are grouped as electronic engineers by the Agency of Labor Statistics. Based on the May 2011 Occupational Employment Statistics statement, technical engineers earned a standard annual wage of $94670, although the median annual wage was $91500. Technical engineers reporting in the cheapest 25 percent attained an annual salary of $72510 or much less, when those reporting in the best 25 percent attained $114260 or even more.

Undergraduate (UG) Telecommunication Engineering Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Telecommunication Engineering Courses in India

Certification Telecommunication Engineering Courses in India

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