Career Options in Fire Safety

Firefighter men, fire code investigators and fire inspectors protect property and most importantly lives with their understanding of fire control and prevention. Active and potential firefighters who have got a diploma or degree can enroll in a beginner-level fire protection technology program. This will give them a good idea and the perfect body language to tackle a fire breakout scenario. In fire safety career good communication and leadership skills are very important. All the practical trainings should focus around developing this aspect of the person. There are internships also for this program. Careers in fire safety require a lot of grit and dedication. It is one of the noblest careers among all.

Fire Safety Professional

Fire professionals be it inspectors or firefighters make sure public buildings and businesses adhere to the government fire safety codes. Whenever there is a fire, fire investigators carry out interviews and collect evidence to find the reason behind the incident. There are Forest fire inspectors as well as and prevention specialists who watch for fires from high areas and caution firefighters in case of a fire. They also screen the behavior of people who travel through forests such that they do not cause any fire accident. It has been found out that there has been an increase of 6% rise in the number of people attempting this field for a career.

Fire Safety Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the job of a firefighter the person needs to have completed the 10+2 examination attains most firefighting jobs. Further a candidate should also have a diploma or a degree. In addition to this there are written and physical tests that the candidate has to pass. There are also certificate programs which offer fire science classes. Before going on the job the hired candidate also has to undergo complete firefighter training. In certain cases a firefighter also needs to have medical and paramedical knowledge. To get promoted in this field the person needs to have a high knowledge and needs to exhibit great performance. A battalion lead or a high official in this field requires a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Fire Safety Career Prospects

Fire safety and protection can lead to a innumerable careers in the service industry helping, preventing and fighting fires or devising how they started. This field requires for most of the people. Fire safety and protection of human life and property is a very interesting field. It includes a number of careers. These career tracks include firefighters, fire inspectors, hazardous material workers, fire investigators, fire prevention specialists, fire determination experts and many more. This career unlike many other careers requires grit and courage. It requires the person to have a quick presence of mind and ad fast thinking capability. Along with this the person needs a good judgment to analyze the situation and take an appropriate decision in a fraction of seconds.

Fire Safety Salary and Reimbursements

The salary of a fire safety officer starts anywhere from 7 lakhs to 8 lakhs. This also depends upon the qualification of the person. But as the job level graduates the person is very highly paid.

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