Theological Colleges in India

Theology is the study of diving aspects. It deals with the aspects of religion and God. The person who study and research in the discipline, is called Theologian. Most of these theologians understand the traditions of their own religion; propagate those traditions and culture of the religion and also defend the traditions from the critical aspects. Yet, few find the sights of divinity with no reference of the traditions.

There are hundreds of Theology colleges in India providing admission for thousands of the students. These include several Government and Private Colleges that are offering these courses.

Major Courses Offered by Theology Colleges in India

There are several courses offered in the courses. Bachelor Degree, Master’s Degree, Doctoral Degree, Certificate Courses, Diploma Courses and Post Graduation Diploma are the major offered courses by the Colleges in India. Several specifications are also available like Old Testament, New Testament, Religion, Karmkand and Pourohitya, Pandulipi and Pauralipi Vigyan, Vastu Shastra etc.


Passing in Class 10 or equivalent from a recognized Board is the minimum educational eligibility for Certificate courses. Passing in 10+2 is required for many of the Diploma and Bachelor Courses. Graduation is any of the discipline from a recognized University is needed for Post Graduation Diploma and Graduation in the related subject is required for Master’s Degree.

Importance of Theology Colleges

Theology Colleges and Institutes of India have succeeded to get fame throughout the world for their quality of education. Several Colleges and Institutions of India accept the admissions of international students along with Indian Candidates. These colleges get updated regularly with the contemporary changes of the field.

Career Options in Theology

The courses provide number of career opportunities. One may work in Ministry or missionaries, schools, colleges, holy places like temples, mosques and churches, administrative offices of temples, mosques or churches, charity management, tourism companies, publishing houses, holy organizations etc. Teacher/ Lecturer/ Professor, Preacher, Article writer/ journalist/ columnist/Editor, Pastor or Priest, Program Administrator in Non Profit Organizations or Religious Organizations, Social Worker and Vasthu Expert are few of the job roles for Theology students.

One can be religious teacher in any of the related schools and institutes. The master degree and the higher study like Ph.D. is the eligibility for being professor. The payment is equal to any other subject. The opportunities are found in both government and non government organizations.

Working in religious channels of Television is also another option. Many shows are telecasted related to traditions and customs of the religions. One can be editor, program director, anchor etc in the media.

For the enthusiasts, the discipline is a good option that provides self satisfaction as well as good Career Options.

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