Aircraft Maintenace Engineering (A.M.E) Courses in India

The aviation sector has evolved into a much larger sphere and gone are the days when there were just two airlines functioning in the country. One was the domestic airlines and the other the international airlines. Both were under the management of the Ministry of Aviation, the Central Government of India. But today the airline industry had developed into a highly dynamic sector with more than hundreds of airline companies operating their flights within the country and outside of it, to many other nations around the globe.

The Growing Demand for Aircraft Maintenance Engineers

This development has led to a surge in the demand for highly skilled manpower in the technical and non-technical fields of the aviation sector. The growth is not only in the number of airlines companies, but each of the companies has a large fleet of aircraft which need proper attention and maintenance. It is here that the new demand has risen and most of these companies are now looking for highly skilled, well qualified and certified personnel for the maintenance of their aircrafts.

The requirement for the job of an aircraft maintenance engineer is a diploma or a degree in Aircraft maintenance or the AME courses. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineer or the AME courses are conducted in most of the Aeronautical Colleges in India and the Aeronautical Institutes in India. The AME courses involve the training in maintenance, repair, servicing of the aircraft and making it ready to take flight.

Eligibility for AME Courses in India

Admission to the AME courses in India is based on the entrance examination conducted by the institute. The institutes also take in students for Aeronautical engineering based on the Joint Entrance Test conducted by the Central or the State Government. The duration of the AME courses is for 3 years. Besides the pass in the Entrance Examination, the candidates, to be eligible to join the AME courses, should have completed the 10+2 examination or the higher Secondary examination as the case may be with at least 50% aggregate marks in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics. Students who have completed three years of Diploma course in Aviation or any branch of Engineering with 50% marks is also eligible for admission to the AME courses.

Another very important criteria for joining the AME courses is that the candidate must obtain a fitness certificate from a doctor who has been certified with an MBBS. The student needs to submit all original and attested copies of academic certificates, medical fitness certificates and certificate for the absence of colour blindness. The certificates are returned on due verification of the same.

List of Aircraft Maintenace Engineering Courses in India

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