Bachelor Of Naturopathy And Yogic Sciences (B.N.Y.Sc) Courses in India

The B.N.Y.Sc Course or the Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences are degree Course in the field of medicine which is an alternate form of medical treatment. It is based on the belief of a positive energy that transmits itself in the entire body for a holistic treatment procedure that heals the body of the various abnormalities. A non–invasive form of treatment, the medicine and drugs are used to the minimum and surgery is almost absent. A very popular career oriented course, students on being awarded the degree is enabled with skills in providing naturopathy treatment and treatment through Yoga. A number of universities in India conduct the B.N.Y.Sc Course either through the various naturopathy colleges around the country or in the university campus itself. The colleges are affiliated with universities conducting the B.N.Y.Sc Course.

Enrolment procedures for B.N.Y.Sc Course

A pass in higher secondary or the 10+2 examination is mandatory for admission to the B.N.Y.Sc Course.

Duration of B.N.Y.Sc (Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences) Course

The B.N.Y.Sc Course are a degree course in which the degree awarded is that of a Bachelor’s degree. The duration of the B.N.Y.Sc Course is usually four and a half years with an additional year of internship training making it a five and a half year course. Some institutes have combined both the academic theory and the internship for which the duration is decreased to four and a half years. An academic project also needed, to award this degree for the B.N.Y.Sc Course.

Areas of Study

The subjects students need to cover in the duration of the course include the areas of study almost similar to that of the formal medical education. The only difference here is that the students taking up the B.N.Y.Sc Course have to undergo training in Philosophy, principles and practice of Naturopathy and Yoga.

In Naturopathy, the students also undergo training in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Color therapy, magnetic therapy, Herbology, Hydrotherapy, Mud therapy, and Yoga.

Job Opportunities for B.N.Y.Sc Course

A professional with the degree awarded in the B.N.Y.Sc Course can practice naturopathy and yoga in hospitals both private and governmental. The Medical Council recognizes the degree and hence it is valued in any of the hospitals that has the approval of the Medical Council.

The professionals with the degrees in the B.N.Y.Sc Course can also practice in the National Rural Health Mission which has been set up by the government in many medical colleges in India under the name of AYUSH, which combines all forms of alternate medicine and traditional medicines practiced in India.

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