Bachelor Of Business Management (B.B.M) Courses in India

The B.B.M Courses or the Bachelors in business management is an undergraduate degree course that prepares the students with the organizational work culture. The program encompasses the subjects of business, finance, management, Human resources, marketing, Economics and adversities. Norms of organizational behavior are also extended to student undertaking the course. The education in new methods followed in the work culture in organizations is extended to students and they are exposed to the computer systems which is an integral part of every organization today. The syllabus for the B.B.M Courses is covered over a period of 6 semesters or 3 years.

Important information about B.B.M Courses

Eligibility: The eligibility criteria for the B.B.M Courses is that the student should have completed the 10+2 examination or the Higher Secondary examination of any Board in India. The student should have scored a minimum of 45% marks in the examination. Humanities, Economics, finance or commerce are preferable subject in which the student should have passed the qualifying examination, but even Scenic students are encouraged to apply for the B.B.M Courses

A student who has completed 3 years of study taking a Diploma in some subjects after the 10th standard in school is also eligible to apply for the B.B.M Courses

A Student who has completed two years of study in a professional course is also eligible to seek admission in the B.B.M Courses.

Duration: Generally the duration of the B.B.M Courses is 3 years, but sometimes it he B.B.M Courses is integrated with other courses like law in which case the course is extended to 5 years.

How is the B.B.M Courses useful to students?

The B.B.M Courses endeavors to make the students familiar with the organizational environment and provide them with complete understanding of the functions that usually take place in an organization. The students are also exposed by the B.B.M Courses to the various management techniques and those that are implemented in the modern day organizations to help them gain a better understanding of the industrial working environment. Some of the subjects of the B.B.M Courses are directly related to the functioning and managing or an organization, hence these subjects are of great use to students who are expected to take up the responsibilities of the family businesses in the future. The B.B.M Courses aims to enhance analytical skills, communication skills, problem solving skills and decision making skills by the end of the duration of the course.

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