Bachelor Of Medical Laboratory Technology (B.M.L.T) Courses in India

The B.M.L.T Course are one that leads to the job of the laboratory tester in a hospital or a medical laboratory. An undergraduate course, the student undertaking the B.M.L.T Course is awarded a Bachelor’s degree at the end of the course.

B.M.L.T (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory technology) Course Eligibility and Duration

Duration: The duration of the B.M.L.T Course is 3 years as it is for all undergraduate Bachelor’s degree Course. The syllabus is covered in the three years is divided into 6 semesters.

Eligibility: To be eligible for the B.M.L.T Course, the student needs to have completed the 10+2 or the Higher Secondary course in the Science stream. Only those students who have scored a minimum of 50% marks in their qualifying examination can apply for the B.M.L.T Course and be eligible for admission.

The B.M.L.T (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory technology) Course Profile

By undertaking the course the student is enabled to handle all testing procedures conducted in a medical laboratory. Skills in diagnostic procedures in routine medical check-up of patients are imbibed by the students during the term of the B.M.L.T Course

The students also are able to absorb the knowledge and the expertise in handling the latest sophisticated state – of – the - art medical equipment to obtain the accurate results and also are enabled with the ability to identify the readings that are made available after the testing.

Details of B.M.L.T (Bachelor of Medical Laboratory technology)Course

As mentioned earlier the B.M.L.T Course is divided into six semesters and each semester has been assigned a particular set of subjects dealing with the course.

Semester 1 – Besides being introduced to the subjects in the area of medicine like anatomy, pathology, biochemistry, and microbiology, the students are also trained in communication skills.

Semester 2 – All the above subjects are further extended in the second semester and in addition, training to enhance the computer skills of the students are provided.

Semester 3 and 4 are again an advanced extension of the previous two semesters and the students are taught all the subjects as is done in the previous two semesters. The subjects are at the next level in these two semesters of the B.M.L.T Course.

Semester 5 and 6 the students are introduced to management skills as they are trained in lab management also. Besides this the students have to study all the above subjects in detail.

After acquiring the Bachelor’s degree, the students can opt to go for higher studies in the B.M.L.T Course taking up the advanced Course to specialize or further their careers as laboratory technicians.

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