Bachelor Of Literature (B.Lit) Courses in India

The B.Lit. Courses or the Bachelors in Literature courses are very useful courses as it leads to a number of opportunities for further studies as well as for jobs. Firstly, one should understand that by literature, it does not only mean English Literature, it can mean literature of any country or language like the various Indian Languages or the large number of foreign language that people opt for.

Bachelors in Literature (B.Lit.) Course Eligibility

Being a bachelor’s degree course, the eligibility is as per norm, which is a pass in the higher secondary or the 10+ 2 Courses. One significant factor here is that the admission is usually granted to students who have scored high in the particular language studies in which the B.Lit. Courses admission is to be undertaken. Student getting a high score in Hindi, for example, is usually preferred for the B.Lit. Courses course in Hindi.

Bachelors in Literature (B.Lit.) Course Duration

Some of the universities conduct the Honors course which is the B.Lit (Hons.) Course. This requires the study of a number of papers more and the degree awarded is the Honors degree. The usual duration for the B.Lit. Courses course is 3 years.

There are many colleges that conduct the B.Lit. Courses and the degree is awarded by the university with which the colleges are affiliated.

Some of the major areas of study in the B.Lit. Courses include

  • Poetry
  • Prose
  • Drama
  • Philology
  • History of the language
  • The various significant ages into which the literature is divided
  • The different influences in the literature
  • Literary devices

Post Degree Opportunities in B.Lit. Course

Students can take up the study of the same subject at the post graduate level and then specialize for a PhD in any one aspect of the subject. Apart from post-graduation, the student completing the B.Lit. Courses successfully can opt for other professional courses like Journalism and Mass communication. Another option is taking up the M.Phil Course after the completion of the Post-graduation in literature.

Job opportunities usually include fields like the educational, media, interpreters, translators and many others. Other jobs include those in the museums, community service, and Non-governmental organizations. With globalization, the need for the English language proficiency has raised so students with a degree in the B.Lit. Courses in English stand a good chance of jobs in such multi-national organizations. Today with the internet jobs increasing, the students taking the B.Lit. Courses also stand a good chance for jobs like freelancer writing jobs, especially in the field of technical writing.

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