Aqua Science Courses in India

About the Aqua Science courses

Aqua Science courses focus on various concepts and principles of the domain and make the aspirants equipped with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude. The major topics that are covered in these courses are fisheries, water and fluid dynamics, fresh water ecology, fresh water bio diversity, water resources and draught, pollution and water problems, oceanography and other relevant topics. Many colleges and universities are there who offer a lot of basic and specialized courses in Aqua Sciences with greater benefits in terms of study materials, infrastructures, faculty members, job assistance and others. Students have several options like B.Sc, M.Sc and other research oriented modules like PhD and M.Phil. Other candidates can go for diploma and certifications also if they wish to get any customized expertise. These courses ranges from 1 year to 5 years .Hence students have many options and they can choose as per their need, interest and requirements.

Eligibility Criteria for Aqua Science courses

All the Aqua Science courses have certain eligibility criteria and pre requisite requirements. Any science student can join the sector after the intermediate at initial levels. For undergraduate course one has to choose science in the intermediate levels. In the similar line for post graduation the student must contain graduation in the same field or any other related streams as specified by the university, college or government department. Those who are willing to go for research oriented courses they must complete the post graduation first and then they can get the desired specialization.

Career Options for Aqua Science courses

Aqua Science courses offer a great support to the job seeking aspirants and they can join different companies and industries. They can work with schools, colleges, universities, research and development units, drug making companies, laboratories, governments and private agencies, diagnostic centers and others. They can start their career on the role and designations of scientist, research analyst, associate, lab in charge, teacher, trainer, lecturer, professors, consultants, unit head etc. They can also work as freelance consultants with independent offices and can strive to get separate clients. They offer them services and in return charge fees with good name and fame also. Many aspirants decide to join the teaching and training domain and look for the jobs with colleges and universities. They guide and mentor the new candidates to make them industry ready to meet the market demands. Hence these courses offer excellent options to the learners and one can take the maximum benefits to shape his or her future. It offers nation and international exposure at equal levels.

Salary options to Aqua Science courses

After completing Aqua Science courses one can earn starting salaries in the range of Rs.30000 to Rs.70000 on the monthly basis. Many colleges help the students in the job search and come up with even much better options. Reputed universities and colleges offer excellent placement with good organization with better compensation packages. After getting experience and seniority in the system people get very high salaries with a lot of other benefits also like incentives, fringe benefits, family insurance etc. from company’s side.

Career Options in Science Courses

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