Environmental Science Courses in India

About the Environmental Science Courses

Environmental Science Courses are covering the major areas of the subjects related to environmental issues, sustainable earth, energy and resources, living in the environments, conservations, environment health, environmental geology, atmosphere and environments, climatology, environments hazards and their implications, environment controls, pollution and its remedies and many other topics are being taught and trained by the colleges and universities. Many colleges and universities are there who offer many simple and advance courses in this domain. There are undergraduate and post graduate courses available to select from the list. One can do short term courses as well to groom in environmental sciences and its related disciplines. Diploma, certificate, degree and even higher studies courses like PhD and M.Phil. could be taken. One can take them as the career choice and can specialize in his or her desired field. These courses focus on theory and practical classes with notes, case studies, laboratories, internships with projects and others so that the aspirant should become a subject matter expert in the particular domain. Apart from it there are a lot of high end and customized courses designed and available for experienced and working professional, they can do it for the knowledge up gradation and skill enhancement.

Eligibility for Environmental Science Courses

Environmental courses offer many options but there are some prerequisite requirements also. For undergraduate courses one can enter after intermediate but he must have science subjects as one of the specializations. Those who are looking for higher studies should know that they must carry a post graduation in the domain or in the related subjects and discipline. People can also go for the research and development fields like PhD but they must check with the eligibility clearance also.

Career Options for Environmental Science Courses

These courses offer great career option for the students and job seeking aspirants. They can work with various nature parks, hospitals and nursing homes, research and development centers, colleges, universities, data analysis companies, fitness centers, health clubs and many others. They can get designations and roles of scientist, environmental physicist, research analyst, lab in charge, lab assistants, research associate, lecturer, professor, consultants etc. They can work with different colleges and universities in their teaching and training departments. Vacancies are coming time to time and one has to be updated for that. Many aspirants become entrepreneurs and start their independent consultancies and get their individual clients and help them with the services and advice. They charge fees and offer their expert advice and services to the clients. Hence one can choose this field for a better future.

Salary Option for Environmental Science Courses

Environmental Science professional have very good salary options also. One can expect a starting salary in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.60000 depending on the knowledge, skills and attitude of the candidates. Many colleges assist their students in job search and offer better salaries also. After getting experience and seniority in the domain people can earn very high salaries with a lot of other added advantages also like incentives, fringe benefits, family insurance etc. from company’s management.

Career Options in Science Courses

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