Genetics Courses in India

About the Genetics Courses

Genetics courses focus on all the ideas, principles and concepts related to the topics and subtopics and aim to achieve the learning. Major topics that are being covered in these courses are like chromosomes, genetics, DNAs, genetic variations, heredity and many other related topics. There are different branches of the discipline like classical genetics, developmental genetics, ecological genetics, genetics of intelligence, genomics, molecular genetics, statistical genetics and many more. Aspirants have numerous option and they can choose as per their need, requirements and interest. Many colleges and universities are offering various basic and advance course modules in the domain. They offer certifications, diplomas and degree courses with many other benefits like knowledgeable faculty members, labs and laboratories, libraries, placement assistance etc. Research oriented course like PhD and M.Phil are also available in this domain. These courses last in 1 year to 5 years and one has a good flexibility to choose from.

Eligibility for Genetics Courses

There are several Genetics Courses available but one has to be very careful about the eligibility criteria. A simple intermediate can go for the diplomas and certifications and in many cases he can enroll for graduation also. For post graduation the students must hold graduation in the same field or any other related streams as specified by the university, college or government departments. There are very high end courses as well but they are very costly and have to take a final decision after giving very deep thought and analysis.

Career Options for Genetics Courses

After doing courses in the field of genetics one can enter into many industries and companies with excellent benefits. They can work with schools, colleges, universities, research and development units, hospitals, drug making companies, laboratories, governments and private agencies, diagnostic centers and others. They can get designations and roles of biologist, research analyst, scientist, associate, lab in charge, lab assistants, research associate, lecturer, professor, consultants etc. One can join the teaching and training domain if he or she has the flair of it. They can approach different college and universities for any suitable employment. These institutes offer very good benefits to the staff at all levels. Aspirants must be updated with various vacancies and opening so that they can apply for the posts. Many others start their own work and strive to get separate client and offer them best advice and required services. They charge some fees for the services rendered. They have to customize their services as per the need and requirement of the customers and vendors. Therefore Genetics Courses are very good due to the exposure they provide.

Salary for Genetics Courses

These courses also help the candidates to earn nice money. One can earn the starting salaries in the range of Rs. 30000 to Rs.70000 on monthly basis. When the colleges help the candidates in placements even better options can be explored. When one becomes an expert of the field he can negotiate for very high compensation packages. Genetics Courses are very niche and high salary is not a constraints for the candidates.

Undergraduate (UG) Genetics Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Genetics Courses in India

Diploma Genetics Courses in India

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