Actuarial Science Courses in India

About the Actuarial Science Courses

Actuarial Science Courses refer to the concepts, theories, principles and information related to the domain. In these courses the major topics that are taught and trained can be like life insurance, insurer, insurable interest, insurable risk, annuity, life annuity, perpetuity, financial reinsurance, capital market, insurance calculations, human life value, net premium valuations, gross premium valuation, asset liability modeling, PE ratios, financial math, calculus, game theory and many other important topics. Many colleges and universities are there who offer the various courses in the field of actuarial sciences with many benefits. There are independent training centers also which help the aspirant to pursue different diploma, certificate and other courses. These educational institutes support with excellent infrastructure, learned faculty members, libraries, computer labs and many other teaching learning aids. One can go for degree and research oriented course as well as per his or her need, interest and requirements. One has to show good decision making ability and fair problem solving techniques to grow in this sector. Many working professionals and experienced people approach to do customized and specialized courses to hone their knowledge base and skills sets so that they can move to the next levels in their career. These courses can be of the duration ranging from 6 months to 4 years depending on the module and college one is planning to take admission into.

Eligibility for Actuarial Science Courses

Actuarial Science Courses are available in plenty but there are certain eligibility criteria also and one must carefully check whether he or she clears the prerequisite requirements. It is usually mentioned in the prospectus and the website of the college or the universities. Intermediate pass students can go for the short term diploma and certifications courses and sometimes they can enroll for the degree courses as well. Those who want to do some advance or research oriented modules must have the same subject at degree level and they can go for the further specializations.

Career Options for Actuarial Science Courses

Actuarial Science Courses open great platform of possibilities and options to work with various industries and companies. They can work for life insurance companies, general and health insurance providers, banks, non banking financial corporations, online trading firms, schools, colleges, universities, governments and private agencies, research companies ,knowledge process outsourcing companies and others. They can start their career on the role and designations of research analyst, associate, manager, sales manager, teacher, trainer, lecturer, professors, consultants, unit head etc. Many aspirants start their own work independently and get separate clients .They give their best services and advice to the clients and charge fees .Many students also join the teaching domain and they approach the educational houses to strive for the suitable employments. Hence Actuarial Science Courses are very good career option nowadays and they give a global exposure to the aspirants.

Salary for Actuarial Science Courses

Actuarial Science Courses help the candidates to get starting salaries in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs. 60000 on monthly basis depending on the knowledge and skills of the candidate. It increases as one obtains experience and knowledge of the field and then there is no looking back.

Undergraduate (UG) Actuarial Science Courses in India

Postgraduate (PG) Diploma Actuarial Science Courses in India

Career Options in Science Courses

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