Geology Courses in India

About the Geology Courses

Geology Courses are the branch of science where study of earth and its inner structure are being taught and trained to the students. The structuring, evolution, developments, rock, sand, wind and their impact on the earth’s crust are the main area of concern in these courses. In Geology Courses the extraction of petroleum and other minerals and their effective use by data analysis and data interpretation with qualitative and quantitative approach are given. How they can be used for the betterment of human life and society .There are many colleges and universities who offer courses in the geology domain. Remote sensing, petroleum, fluid mechanics, mechanical engineering, chemistry, physics, statistics and many other stream and discipline are touched in the course curriculum of Geology Courses. Diploma, certificate, degree courses and many other higher studies modules are available and aspirants can select as per their interest, need and requirements. Many working professionals also do these courses to improve their skills and increase their level of subject knowledge. Geology Courses have attracted many students in the recent times due to its great career potential and also it is notable that these courses offer national and international exposure at a similar level. Big companies and research firms are looking for skilled candidates in this specific domain to hire.

Eligibility for Geology Courses

One can join Geology Courses but he or she needs to check with the eligibility criteria also. Usually these courses one can enter at graduation levels also by enrolling into B.Sc in Geology but the aspirants must have science and mathematics at the intermediate level. In the similar line for post graduation the student must contain graduation in the same field or any other related streams as specified by the university, college or government department. Those who want to go for research studies can always enroll themselves for PhD and M.Phil modules but before that they need to complete their post graduation in the same field only. After that they specialize in the particular domains.

Career Options for Geology Courses

Geology Courses open very good career options nationally and internationally. They can work with various oil refinery firms, hospitals, research and development centers, colleges, universities, data analysis companies, and many others. They can get a designations and roles of scientist, petro physicist, research analyst, lab in charge, lab assistants, research associate, lecturer, professor, consultants etc. Many candidates start their own consultancies and work independently with separate clients .They provides their expert services and guidance to the clients and charge fees for that. Many professionals chose teaching and training as their career and approach different educational institutions to look for the appropriate employment. They guide and mentor the new students coming on the subjects and make them industry ready.

Salary Structure for Geology Courses

Geology Courses offer very good salary options also. One can expect a starting salary in the range of Rs.25000 to Rs.60000. Many colleges assist their students in job search and offer better salaries also. Once people become experienced and senior in the system they get very lucrative compensation packages.

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