Anthropology Courses in India

About the Anthropology Courses

Anthropology Courses cover the study of human body and how its various parts respond to each other. Their constructions, connections, developments and impact of external and internal factors are the course content that the aspirants are being taught and trained. It has several branches as well like socio cultural anthropology, communication, archaeology, ethnography and many other and aspirants has the options and they can choose as per their need and requirements. Many institutes and universities are there which offer these Anthropology Courses with excellent benefits. These courses can be of 3 to 5 years depending on the mode and the institution. Diploma, certificate and degree courses are there which cater the exact requirements of the students. After studying all the concepts, principles, theories underlying in the different parts of anthropology one becomes a subject matter experts. They can also join customized and specialized courses as well to add on the skills and knowledge. B.Sc, MSc and other higher studies modules are available and can one specialize in any of the desired disciplines and courses.

Eligibility for Anthropology Courses

These courses have some eligibility criteria also .For higher studies courses one has to carry the degree at graduation levels in the similar field or related field .One can enter into the field at basic level also and later on can go for the further specialization as per the interest and expertise. The working professional can go for the customized courses .Those who want to go into the research and development domain they need to go for post graduation first and then can go for their course work as required for PhD and M.Phil or other modules.

Career Options for Anthropology Courses

As stated earlier Anthropology courses open plethora of possibilities and opportunities for the career seeking candidates in many desirable stream and disciplines. One can work with universities, research and development units, hospitals, health care centers, governments and private firms, medicine industry, news paper and magazine related to science and the list is endless. They can work on the designations of anthropologist, social anthropologist, analyst, doctors, lecturer, professor, scientist, lab in charge, manager, research associate and many others. They can very well approach to various educational houses and can seek for teaching opportunities .This way they guide and mentor the new aspirants to make them competent in the anthropology domain to face the real life challenges and to meet the market demand of skilled manpower also. One can also think to start something of his own like training center, sampling and research work and in return of the services rendered they get fees with good name and fame. Hence Anthropology Courses are one of the best career options nowadays and one must consider it.

Salary Structure for Anthropology Courses

As Anthropology Courses are very niche and specialized domain they offer very god salary options also to the job seeking candidates. Starting salaries can be in the range of Rs.20000 to Rs.50000 though it depends on the competence of the aspirants also. It increases with experience and seniority.

Undergraduate (UG) Anthropology Courses in India

Doctorate Anthropology Courses in India

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