Home Science Courses in India

About the Home Science Courses

Home Science Courses cover certain area of the science and teaches the aspirants about the home science, biochemistry, microbiology, human physiology, human development and textiles, extension education, food sciences, life span evolution, parenting and childhood, interior designing, fabrication, food preservation, nutrition, diet charts and meal planning, resource planning, clothing constructions, communications, family dynamics and its interrelated implications, work study, diet therapy, fashion designing, welfare programmes and many other important topics. Many colleges and institutes are there which offer several basic and advance courses in this domain. Aspirants can do B.Sc, MSc and other courses. They also provide with better infrastructure, labs, faculty members and other to make the learning effortless and meaningful for the students. There are diploma, certificate and degree courses which cover these and other topics in the easiest manner. One can decide about which specialization he or she wants to go for that and then they can enroll in the courses. There are very advanced and customized modules which the experienced professionals opt for the knowledge up gradation and skill enhancement. This way Home Science makes the learners equipped with the proper knowledge, skills and attitude. They also become ready to face the real life challenges.

Eligibility for Home Science Courses

Home science Course are plenty in number but there are eligibility norms also that one needs to check and monitor before joining any course or institutes. A simple intermediate can go for the diplomas and certifications and in many cases he can do the graduation also. For post graduation the student must hold graduation in the same field or any other related streams as specified by the university, college or government department. Those who want to go for research studies can always enroll themselves for PhD and M.Phil with a proper mentorship under the subject matter expert.

Career Options for Home Science Courses

Home Science courses open plethora of opportunities for the job seeking aspirants. Students can join in numerous organizations and industries with huge potential and bright future prospects on various designations. They can work in hotels, motels, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, diagnostic centers, health care organizations, diet consultants, private agencies, government departments, research center and many others. They can work for the roles of consultants, chef, cook, assistants, nutritionists, counselors, interior designers, apparel merchandisers, research associates, analysts and many others. They can also work as freelance consultants with independent offices and can strive to get separate clients. They offer them services and in return charge fees with good name and fame also. Those who have flair of teaching can approach the educational institutes to get the preferred employments. They guide the fresher on the topics and help them to become knowledge experts.

Salary for Home Science Courses

Home Science course help the students to get a good start in their career. They can earn the starting salaries in the range of Rs.20000 to Rs.50000 depending on their abilities and skills in the domain. Colleges also help to get in the proper employments. After getting experience and knowledge people achieve very lucrative compensation packages.

Career Options in Science Courses

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