Astronomy Courses in India

About the Astronomy Courses

Astronomy Courses are very niche in nature and provide excellent benefits. It covers all the related and relevant topics and subtopics of the domain and provides the participants right knowledge, skills and attitude. Major topic that are covered in these courses are study of earth, life on other planets, observational astronomy, scientific methods and tools for research, solar system, carbon dating, space craft and many other important topics. Many colleges and universities are offering numerous basic and advance course in the domain with excellent supports like learned faculty members, practical sessions, labs, libraries, guest lecture etc. Aspirants can go for diploma, certificate and degree courses as per their interest, need and requirements. These courses can be of the duration in the range of 1 year to 5 years depending on the college and module opted for. In such courses aspirants choose any sector in which they want to enter and grow with many options. There are very advanced and customized modules which the experienced professionals opt for the knowledge up gradation and skill enhancement. Therefore Astronomy courses can be a good choice for starting one’s career.

Eligibility for Astronomy Courses

Astronomy courses are many but there are certain eligibility criteria. Those are studying some science subject in the intermediate can become eligible for many courses. Graduate can go for the post graduate courses and get the desired specializations per their needs. Those who want to move into research work they must have the post graduation in the similar domain or any related streams as per approved by the colleges, university or relevant associations and agencies.

Career Options for Astronomy Courses

Astronomy courses are very special and offer very good career options with many company and industries. They can work for space research organizations, data analysis companies, colleges, universities and other companies. They can get designations and roles of astronomer, research analyst, scientist, associate, lab in charge, lab assistants, research associate, lecturer, professor, consultants etc. One can start his own consultancies as well and look for getting independent clients and can provide them advice and services. They can earn good name, fame and money from their clients. They can approach the educational houses and can join them to train the fresher in the subjects to make them subject matter experts. For this one has to be updated for the various opening posted by colleges and government agencies time to time and apply for that. his way these courses offer very good platform to the candidates and they can join the niche sector of Astronomy with excellent and bright future.

Salary for Astronomy Courses

Astronomy courses help the candidates to earn good amount of money. At the starting level one get the remuneration in the range of Rs.30000 to Rs.80000 in the laboratories. After getting the experience and expertise salary increases. At senior level one can expect salaries up to Rs.125000 and even more.

Therefore Astronomy Courses has come up as a very good and rewarding career choice among aspirants and it offers the exposure at national and international level.

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